79Boas loves 433 heard that Wu Lei preferred foreign aid midfielder (video)|Boas loves 433 heard that Wu Lei preferred foreign aid midfielder (video)8

Boas loves 433: heard that Wu Lei preferred foreign aid midfielder boas: Portugal Marshal information times (reporter Baiyun) attacking Shanghai on Hong Kong yesterday announced the official team Huanshuai, Portugal marshal Boas Erickson replaced Sweden, become the Hong Kong team next season coach. Cai Huikang Yu Hai of the midfield could be. "My career is very love challenge, before the team didn’t stay long, Russia over coaching experience, is also very close to Brazil, although each team coach really short, but it also let me have the opportunity to participate in more challenges. Of course, the economic income is also one of the factors to teach China, I am very excited." Boas, a well-known European Marshal as coach of the Shanghai port, in order to dig to the person, must pay a high price. The only purpose of this statue, "God", is to challenge the Guangzhou Hengda dominance in the Super League, FA Cup and League Chinese AFC Champions League on three fronts. Boas said the club gave him certain tasks in the season had an interview yesterday, "I and the chairman had to communicate, the team will continue to increase investment, to finish three championships (Zhong Chao, FA Cup and AFC Champions League) a target." Shanghai, a large investment in Hong Kong last season, the first season to set a small goal for themselves – at least to win. As a result, the team will also be bound with the arrival of new change. Boas is fond of the 433 attack squad, he heard of Wu Lei, but the team strong foreign aid Hulk is a good friend. Not too easy to introduce in domestic players now, activate the hulk and appropriate replacement of foreign aid will be the only choice in Hong kong. The first to be fired, will very likely need long time card. Boas stressed in high closing down defense, emphasizing the ball at the foot of the high energy consumption style under the dominant, requiring the player to speed and strength, stamina, footwork are indispensable, the Hong Kong Shanghai first start, perhaps will be the young midfielder strong foreign aid. On behalf of the 1977 Marshal marshal Boas was born less than 40 years old, is the European line coach, also become the super 16 team the youngest coach. At the age of 17 in England coach boas Robson’s recommendation, breaking into the FA rules over the age of 18 to participate in the coaches training courses, and in the same year won the UEFA C coaching qualification for second years, he won the B coaching certificate, it is Genzheng Miao red and coach with the help of career has been. In 2003, Boas entered Mourinho in the first team coach group of Portuguese in Oporto. The next 7 years, from 3 in Oporto to crown Albert Chelsea (data) of the dominant Premier League, then later Inter, Boas has been a senior aide to Mourinho "". He is mainly responsible for collecting information and data and analyze the opponent’s role, "Mourinho" for the evaluation of the deputy high, "Boas is my eyes and ears, without him, what I have to do it." In 2009 2013, Boas left Mourinho solo, Boas and Mourinho has pro for complete break, but "little Mu Yun