78Zheng Zhi led the Orangemen and defence defense will play a super Derby – Sports Sohu|Zheng Zhi led the Orangemen and defence defense will play a super Derby – Sports Sohu4

Zheng Zhi led South Korea national football defensive defense will play a "super Derby" – Sports Sohu yesterday, the Orangemen were determined and South Korea match a list of 23 people, 25 people in Shenyang training camp, in addition to Hao Junmin and the barbarian days, the other 23 people all included. After the release of the big list, the country’s main lineup lineup is basically determined. Judging from the current situation, the war between China and South Korea, the two sides will be on the defensive line super derby". South Korean defense members basically to playing in the super players, they are Su Ning Hong is good, Hengda R & Jin Yingquan and Zhang Xianxiu. The national foot, Zheng Zhi, Feng Xiaoting, and so on, such as the formation of the guard line, and so on, such as Zhang Lin, and so on. In the Super League, two teams on the defensive players are very familiar with, there is no secret. The midfield, South Korea relies on three major offensive players in Europe, with Zizhe — Sun Xingmin and Li Qinglong, they are the core of the offensive team, will also carry out to South Korea football another big characteristic — actively running in the defense, form the first line of defence. The midfielder is uniform in the domestic league players, Huang Bowen, Wu Xi, Zhang Xizhe, Yu Hai, Jiang Ning, Sun Ke is the main force in the club, but compared with the international experience of the Korean players, they must be actively running and to impact on the party spirit. The front line, the possibility of South Korea at the age of 20, Huang Xican’s first largest players in Europe, he is characterized by impact force and breakthrough ability. The Gao Lin, Wu Lei and Zhang Yuning will assume the responsibility for the team rattling.