78Zhang Zhaozhong respondents use thin blue letinous edodes not self predictive ability|Zhang Zhaozhong respondents use thin blue letinous edodes not self predictive ability5

Zhang Zhaozhong respondents use "thin blue letinous edodes" not self predictive ability of Zhang Zhaozhong original title: Zhang Zhaozhong tell you "whispers" in the public view, Zhang Zhaozhong’s identity is already far beyond the military experts. He retired last year and added a new identity for himself". He opened his own public number, called the seat of the board of directors, updated every day a different text, audio, video military review, but also successfully went on to the B station webcast. With years of experience in the accumulation of television programs and popularity, in October, the Bureau seat called loyalty WeChat fans have nearly one million, the number of headlines reading success 100000+ . Recently, Zhang Zhaozhong’s new book "on the block: whispering" listed publishing, the book talking about the early years of schooling, a soldier’s experience, talked about the national defense education, and on the process of creation and operation of the public number, did not forget his current China film. In the new media to seize the heights of public opinion this year, 64 year old Zhang Zhaozhong claiming to be very like and young people together, so always follow the trend of the times. But this view, Zhang Zhaozhong opened the public number, WeChat in the B station live seem to be logical. As a military expert, he has his own thinking, that is, the occupation of this piece of public opinion heights". "The news about Iraq, Iraqis complain you read the news? Have you ever seen the news of the American war against Iraq?" For many years and the media deal with Zhang Zhaozhong believes that the right to speak is an extremely important soft power of the information age, public opinion, this piece of high ground, you do not occupy, others will occupy! After I retired, I kept thinking about these questions and put forward some ideas. Personally, open the "council seat called loyalty" such a WeChat public number, into the new media world, but also to internal propaganda with this child, like a raging fire entertainment network to rob people, to many young people is how much." This is he a retired old man’s onslaught". More and more people enter the network public number that maintain a public number, keep updated daily is a very tiring thing. And Zhang Zhaozhong not only to keep updated every day, but also for the daily arrangement of different types of programs, such as every Friday update video programs. In an interview with reporters, Zhang Zhaozhong said, "no one forced me to open this thing, that is beginning to get up, get up, or a person in the habit of doing things, as long as to do one thing, must ensure that things continue, but also to success. China can’t have second people to do this again." Small target language sensitive achievement network "goers" thin blue letinous edodes, one hundred million…… In the interview process, the latest network popular words can always in a gray haired old man’s mouth freely and accurately using the. Zhang Zhaozhong paid special attention and the exchange of young people, especially young people love and communication, "I am 1992 TV, I was surrounded by 30, 40 and 50 when the leader, after a 70, after 80, is now 90, I always communicate with young people." So sensitive to new language, the Zhang Zhaozhong attributed his language learning experience, the