77Zhang Linpeng suspended the country foot line to adjust how to choose new Gao Hongbo victims questio|Zhang Linpeng suspended the country foot line to adjust how to choose new Gao Hongbo victims questio3

Zhang Linpeng suspended the country foot line to adjust how to choose new Gao Hongbo victims question – data figure: Gao Hongbo in training Zhang Yichen photo Beijing, Beijing, October 10 (Yue Chuan) home court against Syria let’s qualify the situation if not at a sudden turn for the worse, the Uzbek race retreats, the Orangemen will be very early may lose competitiveness. The crucial contest will be held in Beijing on the evening of 11 9 started, the foot has arrived in Tashkent to do the final sprint to fight to win or die. At Uzbekistan must grab points if a war with Syria and Uzbekistan is the watershed, then battle, for the Orangemen will be the true battle of life and death. From a global point of view, after three rounds of Chinese team needed a flat two negative with a victory to narrow the gap with the leading team, remain competitive; but on the actual situation of the game, if the road can harvest a score, although the impact on the reversal pattern is limited, but the result is not acceptable. After three rounds, currently South Korea and Iran with 7 points in 12 game lead in the A group, Uzbekistan two wins and one defeat in third, Syria rose to fourth, China team accumulated 1 points ranked fifth, three battles ink at the bottom of qatar. Syria lost the Orangemen will qualify directly, fight to win or die in the top two in third there is still hope the rules of competition under the premise, even if there is the team ranked third in the country and Uzbekistan has also opened a five foot gap, difficult degree of self-evident. If you can not get the points in this direct dialogue, the country is likely to become a partner with Qatar to become a prince reading role. In fact, Chinese team is not without defeat opponents, just at the beginning of last year’s Asian Cup, the Orangemen had 2 1 win over Uzbekistan, then two players for the team are Wu Xi and sun. Of course, it is good for a victory, but considering the strength of the opponent and away the difficulty to obtain an integral, is to keep the hope of qualifying, there may continue to kill. How Zhang Linpeng suspended the country foot lineup? After the arrival of the national capital of Tashkent, Uzbekistan, the final preparations for the war. A big problem now troubled team is back in the game with Syria, Zhang Linpeng was booked, but also because he accumulated two yellow cards and missed the Orangemen and Uzbekistan battle of life and death. For China team, the suspension of Zhang Linpeng is not really small. The country foot at the enemy, good defense is the points of the premise, and Zhang Linpeng’s personal defensive ability is quite prominent, lack of battle will let defense becomes tight. Data figure: Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Linpeng Meng Yongmin photo source: xinhuanet.com second in the 12 finals the first two war, the Orangemen face South Korea, Iran two teams are using the 5-3-2 formation, the last round of Syria is also facing the back five opening, and Zhang Linpeng has always been the main person. But in Li Xuepeng out because of injury, Zhang Linpeng accumulated yellow card suspension under the condition of the national team list only Feng Xiaoting, Du Weisan, Ren hang back are selected. This means that if the coach Gao Hongbo at Uzbekistan)