77The car keys in the car to do this without smashing windows (video)|The car keys in the car to do this without smashing windows (video)4

The car keys in the car do not learn it smashed the windows of the car scratch repair experts how quickly many owners have made the car keys locked in the car wrong, then car keys locked in the car how to do? With you the owner answered, small finishing car keys locked in the car solution. Look at the one that suits you best, maybe one day. Method 1: use the spare key to buy a car when the car in the manual and common tools will have a spare key, is a mechanical key, usually placed in the specification of the package. When using the spare key, first find a square or round grid on the door handle of the driver’s seat. Pry the lid after the lock is the mechanical key hole, then use the spare key to open the door on it. If the spare key is missing or not on the side of the tragedy, there is the owner of the wit to tell the small series, his spare keys are firmly glued to the car chassis, worry brother to give you 66 points. Method two: find the lock company if the group of owners who are not convenient to take the spare key, you can choose to unlock the company to help. Note that we must choose a regular lock company, and the lock fee is generally in the range of 200-500, the general unlocking time of one minute. Yes, the money is so good Find lock unlock, need to prepare the following materials: 1, valid ID 2, can prove the proof method of three vehicle attributes: smashing glass is really no way, the car in the mountains, then hit the glass. Smashing glass also have to have a skill, you must not hit the glass, then the skylight and the front can not hit it. Triangular window maintenance rate is not high so the stock is not large, can not start. Then I had to smash the glass on the door. Worry brother to remind the owner must not be Caution!, accidental injury to his broken glass. Method four: using a mobile phone remote control unlock the use of mobile phone remote control unlock the premise that you have installed the car cloud key system. The disadvantage of this method is that it doesn’t matter where the signal is bad or the signal is disturbed. Method five: to help unlock the car networking call customer service has been more and more since the car networking car began to appear as a selling point to attract more consumers, if your car has car networking then can give their customer service calls to the remote control, but it is also and mobile phone the remote control by signal and interference constraints. Method six: open the door god user comments this coup by car battery, but this method is not applicable to remind you of all the models, the curious owners can try whether their car by using a piece of iron touch battery to open the door. The time to try to use insulation with small iron, so as to avoid the electric shock. What if you don’t leave your car keys in the car, but unfortunately lose your car keys? Approach one: contact the maintenance station with a new key in the maintenance station with a key, you need to provide the vehicle and the owner’s identity documents. According to the different models, repair station owners need to provide the configuration key of the 17 anti-theft password, the password is to buy a new car to the owner of the password. After obtaining this password, the repair station needs the owner to provide the key.