77Eastern first! This gun is too terrible to break 2 in the break through 1700|Eastern first! This gun is too terrible to break 2 in the break through 17006

Eastern first! This gun is too terrible 2 2 steady breakthrough 1700 Taizhun! Sina sports news Beijing time on November 12th, Cleveland on the road to 105-94 victory over the Washington Wizards, Knight starting shooting guard JR played 35 minutes, 11 to 5, three of 9 shots in the 5, 17 points. The last game, the knight in the home court to the eagle, to eat since the start of the season’s first defeat. Although there are more than one reason why the Cavaliers lost, but JR is undoubtedly one of the cool exterior line. In that game, JR scored 10 points in three shots only 2. If he scored 2 more goals in the game, then the situation on the pitch could be quite different from that of the other three. JR is a good shooting player, although his defense is very important progress has been made, his three pointer of the knight’s overall offense. After experiencing a downturn with the eagles, JR quickly recovered. Today’s away challenge wizards, JR played very well in the offensive side, in the first half, he only shot 2 times three points, and all hit. It is worth mentioning that, by virtue of the 2 points of the ball hit, JR’s career hit the ball hit the 1700 mark of the number of points, he also became the NBA history of the sixteenth point hit the ball hit the number of 1700 players in three to reach three. The second half, JR had a less sensible foul, but when the opponent complete free throws, JR in Cleveland a subsequent attack will hit a three ball. The whole game, JR three points in the cast of 5 to get a score of 17, for the attack of the Cavaliers made a great contribution to the attack on the team in the world. After the game statistics show that: This is the ninety-eighth career JR (regular season + playoff) single field at least into the 5 points of the ball three. In addition, since the beginning of January 8, 2015, JR hit three points in the first row in the east. It can be seen that, since being traded to Cleveland, JR’s career has been a major reversal. After the end of the game, JR career three points hit the ball reached the number of 1703. As long as the 3 points into the ball, JR, the number of points in the number of goals can be more than the Nowitzki Mavericks star Dirk -, and rose to the historical fifteenth place. (Rosen)