76The Hulk I haven’t reached the 100% state final 5 to get 15 points|The Hulk I haven’t reached the 100% state final 5 to get 15 points8

Hulk: I haven’t reached the final 5 to 100% state with 15 points on the Hong Kong striker Hulk before attending the conference sina sports news Beijing time on September 24th, the Super League war continues, the port of Shanghai in Shanghai Stadium against Guangzhou Evergrande home court. This afternoon, the team arrived at the stadium in Shanghai to adapt to the venue before the training. Before the start of training, the Hong Kong coach Erickson with array generals striker Hulk attended the press conference before the game. To prepare for a war tomorrow, Hulk today said: "the lucky first game injuries, recovery time is very long. It’s a pleasure for me to come to China to help me recover, and the state of the game and training has been improved. Although it has not yet reached 100 percent of the state, but I will try to help the team to get good grades." Hulk said, the last five games is particularly important, I hope we can get the full score of 15 points, the team can be promoted in the standings. Looking forward to tomorrow’s game." The 2014 World Cup, Scolari coached team Brazil, Hulk is his fellow generals, former coach of the team tomorrow night against the Hulk, said: "I and Scolari in the Brazil national team worked with a year’s time, tomorrow he is my opponent. For me, it’s a new challenge for us to meet tomorrow, and I look forward to helping the team get three points." (tiger)