76Funny sister Tucao Erickson chased KD less harm to each other|Funny sister Tucao Erickson chased KD less harm to each other8

Funny sister Tucao: Erickson after the price KD Westbrook hurt each other Westbrook and KD like naruto and sasuke… Hello everyone, today is Friday, the weekend went to the morning of the war thunder warrior ~ ~ you see no good, less distressed williams! And you? Well, look at today’s Tucao it! If you have a funny joke and Tucao please remember to watch more sports @ funny sister, sister tease Tucao, click to download the sina sports client > > handsome man with sister tease in a public platform for laughing, and you have not concerned? Scan two-dimensional code or search for micro signal: sportsfunnygirl, with funny sister chat sports! Come sweep ———————————- @ bursting hamster: Boas took over the port of Shanghai said the annual salary of up to 12M euros, more than Wenger, Zidane and many other well-known coach klopp, however, his contract was also alleged to have only one year, if the next year to get at least one champion, then class. @keeper72809: "there are a number of guest Beijing Tianjin Hebei Cup year" @Gip3: "get money for one year run, really exciting" @ Mr. Chung’s wedding: "class type coach" @ answers: "Oh, eat watermelon in the world and so on is Real Madrid coach condition and super" @ the little boy: "strong woman control after class also value" ———————————- British media exposure Erickson will be in charge of national security as Boas arrived in Shanghai, the Hong Kong primary coach Erickson will leave the AFC Champions League eight teams, today the British media revealed that Erickson will coach Beijing Guoan north, and get a good coaching contract. @BugattiW16_: "Su ronin: Lao Tzu spend money they are afraid, afraid to ask you:" @iratc "North Canton Qi family, this is Erickson occupation career a legend" @ Zhang Jieke: "behind the end of Beijing can continue to go north to the northeast" @ uncle Zhang Dabai: "this is chasing prices walking pace." @Long Mo _: "I hope that the outcome is not big: North Canton did not believe that Erickson" @ business as usual: "feel a year after the report of Seedorf class, Erickson went to a Shenzhen team, Erickson to the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen ho ho a times @ football return:" Boas took two years to sell the Hulk after their true · Mourinho II "———————————- exposure Hengda to sign Atletico in front of God after Torres With Terry rumored, Hengda has a suspected transfer target by foreign media exposure. According to the European media reports, Torres prepared to leave Atletico, he has received many offers, a quotation from the China, Guangzhou Hengda intends to bring him a lucrative offer from Chinese may not let Torres!