76For others is the only real happiness – Sohu health|For others is the only real happiness – Sohu health3

More for the sake of others is the true happiness of health this morning – Sohu of CCTV "face to face" an interview with Yao Ming, he thought that people in the United States on how to conduct the kind, winning teammates trust. In fact, it is kind and is our advantage. Human beings need to live together to be more powerful and safe, the first problem is not to hurt each other, and not hurt each other on the basis of mutual trust, and trust stems from the reasons for each release of trust. The reason is nothing more than your words and deeds are the embodiment of kindness, for other people think. Peking Union Medical College Hospital professor Zhang Zhinan is ill in hospital, I and the students to visit, the conversation he took out his own understanding of "Harmony Education" and opinions, I suggest to the school leaders see as soon as possible, he does not agree, said he retired for many years, a lot of views may be divorced from reality, to see the current leadership is very easy to make it difficult for them to respect. It is not divorced from reality, respect the old comrades and sorry. Don’t let other people be embarrassed. The famous actor Ge You a few years ago, parents came to Concord Hospital, old mother Chongqing, chat about his son Ge You kind, at home, in the gathering of friends, if a room on each seat to sit, suddenly a person, the first stand up seat is more than Ge You, his love for the sake of others…… The press is my most respectful person issuing department director of the old laonie, we all regard him as a brother. He often came to Concord press and play chess with me, remember the time we put the board, he repeatedly reminded me as far as possible by the wall, let other colleagues to import more spacious and more convenient. My nickname is "Lord Beller", said Lord Beller, we all think that any of you will want for you, will help you brother. Once in a hospital in South Taiwan, I and a female doctor in a lecture, the end of the backyard leadership took us to dinner, we walked and talked to the hospital building outside the door, suddenly the Taiwan female doctor leg into a trot, I was very surprised…… To look at the distance, the original pick up our car, the driver is getting off the door to meet us, Taiwan female doctors fear drivers waiting too long, so suddenly ran up…… Another kind of people for the sake of others! That day at WeChat, master Hong Yi said: "many things for others to consider the person called a gentleman, many things for their consideration of people called the villain", so right, I often see these gentlemen, they like to have true happiness!