74Old soldiers never die! He propped up the dignity of the gold dream is still in Holland|Old soldiers never die! He propped up the dignity of the gold dream is still in Holland6

Old soldiers never die! He propped up the dignity of the first game in Holland last gold dream still Sneijder for Holland scoring important goals sina sports world cup qualifiers, a direct competitor to Holland away out of Sweden, the game is lost to the Oranje is not. If you lose, then they will likely be in this group in the top two of the competition in a disadvantage, after all, this group also has the European Cup runner up france. Sweden in the first half to lead, a ball behind the situation who can save Holland? In the absence of Robben and Van Persie’s case, if there is who can stand up to save the Holland team, many people will think Sneijder’s name. The goal is also Schneider, the veteran to help Holland finally get 1 points. Schneider after the ball straight out in a warm-up match against Greece, the Holland team came under heavy criticism, coach old blinder into the school crisis. The orange team took out a good state, in the road to suppress the opponent, Crabbe and Jansen have won the opportunity to break, but unfortunately failed to hold. Schneider is also very active, he played two opponents in a fast dribbling midfield performance is very exciting, and a long-range was blocked after slightly missed. But at the end of the first half, Strutt Man committed a stupid mistake in the area before and after the ball, Berri lob score, help Sweden lead. Commentary: "be not a little bewildered what is Strutt Man doing?" "Orange" is commented: "football defensive end with the top 45 minutes of Holland team brisk attack, when the individual is in the three District defense just lose the ball, all the offensive efforts have come to nothing." After a lapse of nearly a year, Schneider again in the national team before the first goal in such a way that the ball is very hurt morale, but wearing the captain’s armband Schneider still leads the team to recover the score. His free kick found Van Dijk, but the latter’s header was confiscated by the Swedish goalkeeper. The Holland team in the sixty-seventh minute equaliser, the goal is sneijder! This performance active young Matt cut shot was saved, immediate impact Sneijder calm low into the net. After scoring his teammates to inspire hope, can be done in one vigorous effort counter ultra score. The last moment doust goals because a foul blow off 1 points for the Holland team, but also is an acceptable result. Schneider was named the best coach, Lindsay after Bush said: "I think he played a good game." This is Schneider’s thirtieth goal in the national team, he also became the tenth player to enter the Holland team’s top 30 goals. The world cup is only one step away from Schneider for the national team since the goal, it has been nearly a year, no wonder people heard Schneider broke the news, how many will be issued some feeling as if a generation had passed. The 32 year old veteran said after the game: "am I happy? In fact, I would like to get more than 1 points. We had a chance to get 3 points, but the luck wasn’t on our side. The team was supposed to win, but it was good to try to draw." Missed the European Cup, the new generation and the lack of star flavor, Holland seems to be far away from the league and now Schneider five)