73Women’s Day Tour STANLEY electric race 3 people behind the magic leading high school students behind|Women’s Day Tour STANLEY electric race 3 people behind the magic leading high school students behind1

Women’s day tour of STANLEY electric game 3 leading magic high school students 1 shots behind Hatakaoka Nasa (in) with the same group of two star Li Baomei (left) and Li ritsuko laughing sina sports news Beijing time on October 7th, last week in Japan Women’s Open Championship on the magic Japan high school student Hatakaoka Nasa (Nasa Hataoka) over again success. On Friday she caught 4 birds in the Shizuoka Dongming country club, swallow 1 bogeys, par 69, par 3, in STANLEY electric golf matches the end of the first round after just one stroke behind. South Korea’s Pei Xiqing (Bae Hee-Kyung) to hand over 68 shots, and Fukushima Hiroko, the Japanese side of the top two players tied to the top of the list of the top. Fukushima Hiroko handed over the clean Scorecard and caught 4 birds, and all of them scored at the top of the hole in the back of the court, of which the number 18 was shot down by the eagle in the hole of the hole, which was the first of the nine. The leaderboard is very crowded, but his wife, Li Qin Xiang, An Xuanzhu ritsuko (Ahn Sun Ju), onnarin (Onnarin Sattayabanphot) shot 69, together with Hatakaoka Nasa tied in fourth place. The other Japanese amateur players played 70 shots south, lower than the standard par after 2, but also into the top ten, is currently tied for the top ninth. Morita remote caught 3 birds, swallow 4 bogey, played a par of 73, higher than the standard pole of 1, is tied to the position of the forty-third. Hatakaoka Nasa kicks off at 9:50 in the morning, the same group of players as Li Baomei and Li ritsuko says she felt very happy, and never nervous. She immediately caught the bird in hole three and hole No. eight, and then in the hole of the number, the five hole and then grab a. After the transfer, she was in the 11 hole, five hole trouble, played all day long first bogey, but no. 18 hole, five hole once again caught the bird. This performance will undoubtedly give Hatakaoka Nasa a chance to win second games in a row, but also to the group of players left a deep impression. "She’s very strong and amazing," said Li Baomei. And Kasa Ritsuko said, "even with a little bit of a mistake, she saved it all." Of course, Hatakaoka Nasa is not a leader. Among the leaders, Suzuki Ai’s performance left the deepest impression. Finally, a hole (18 holes, five holes), she from 186 yards with 5 iron wood attack the green, when the ball flew to the flagpole, around the green fans boiling up, and her final putt, shot an eagle, she also climbed to the top of the leaderboard. She also won 500 thousand yen reward. (wind)