73With Kohler married friends to TT wax James Harden out early.|With Kohler married friends to TT wax James Harden out early.8

With Kohler users to get married? TT wax: James Harden out early, and should learn to harden, as soon as possible! Sina sports news Beijing time on September 7th, the Knight Center Tristan Thompson and Kohler Kardashian’s love affects the hearts of many people, especially in cleveland. Today there is news, Kardashian and Thompson are ready to talk of marriage, this is a lot of Cleveland fans very worried. Fans are not only disappointed, they are also very worried about Thompson in the new season. Some fans even gave Thompson a candle. "R.I.P (may he rest in peace), Tristan – Thompson’s career." There are fans in the Instagram said, also with a photo, this is a puzzle, the top is TT with Kardashian, followed by Kohler, Kohler to harden with Odom and Kim – Kardashian and Henry Vries. From three before experience, Kardashian seems to have relevance, especially to "want to marry" after this step, the next player NBA occupation career will not be too easy, harden experienced last season record decline is not small and the pressure of public opinion, Henf Rees has been frustrated get too a big contract, while Odom is lost the chance to play also was dying. Users want to use this way to remind Thompson, as far as possible from this woman away, or to concentrate on the upcoming new NBA season is wonderful, and even someone Tucao said: "you’d better leave as soon as possible when you can leave, James – he is left in Kazakhstan on the right time (before a big)!" And then with a smile and cry. In any case, the hearts and minds of users are good, I hope TT can focus on the field, after all, the new season, they have to rush to defend the. (Tinoke)