73The first three quarters of the public offering base sprint race the first ten returns were over 15%|The first three quarters of the public offering base sprint race the first ten returns were over 15%6

The first three quarters of the public offering based sprint races: the first ten return rate of over 15% in 2016 although the index is relatively neutral, the market in the capital stock of the background, there are still structural investment opportunities, but this market is increasingly test the fund’s investment research level, before the three quarter end fund huge difference reason is worthy of exploration and reflection. In the structured market, the best and the worst, compared to the rate of return can differ? Actually a difference of nearly 70%! The base unit in combat (the statistical sample as before, was established in 2016 a quarter of the size of the provisions of the Commission in the liquidation red 50 million yuan more than the common stock, partial shares mixed fund, hereinafter referred to as stock based), has apparently entered the white hot stage bayonet. However, the structure of the market this year, also makes the stock based rate of return show "Rainbow Night" different trend, the highest rate of return, such as Cathay Pacific Health this year rights unit net growth rate of 34.4%, return to the bottom, such as the League of nations this year before the right topic driven unit net growth rate of -35.23% the absolute difference between 69.63% end. 2016 index is relatively neutral, the market in the context of stock funds, there will still be structural investment opportunities. The main line of investment in 2016, mainly in a reasonable valuation of the real growing company as well as lower valuation of the transformation of the company, promising emerging industries, including electronics, environmental protection, power equipment and new energy, health and other industries." Cathay great health fund manager Yang Fei said the next, will still look around the industry to find a reasonable valuation of the plate and the company’s point of view configuration. In the industry configuration, continue to focus on the media, environmental protection, pharmaceutical industry, as well as new energy vehicles and car networking related industries. The first ten years of this year, the rate of return exceeded the size of the assets from the point of view of the big, the first three quarters of this year’s harvest is not optimistic about the 15%. According to statistics, as of September 6, 2016, the Shanghai Composite Index, Shenzhen Component Index, the gem index this year were -12.67%, -14.24%, -18.10%, and included in the Milky Way and participate in a classification of the calculation of the average performance of the fund 555 equity funds, 1160 mixed funds this year to average net growth rates were -9.73% and -6.56%, 564 bond fund this year the average net growth rate of 1.11%. Obviously, both the stock based debt based, or in the market this year, the complex, difficult to earn money, but then the bad market environment will be a brisk performance, such as "pioneer" is currently ranked in the top ten stock based. According to statistics, as of September 9th, including Cathay Pacific Health, Jiashi intelligent vehicle, a jinhexin quantization factor, Jiashi, environmental protection and low carbon circular letter Yongfeng Youjia life, Baoying national security strategy of Shanghai and Hong Kong, INVESCO deep the Great Wall environmental advantages, the sports industry, ICBC Credit Suisse Tian Hong Yongding, fortune SGAM resources, growth 10 stocks based on the top ten this year, rights unit net growth rates were 34.4%, 24.3%, 22.8%, 21.8%, 20.1%, 19.7%, 19.5%, 19.32%, 18.43%, 15.22%, return on average.