73Ping ping! Handsome Bayern emerge a big hidden trouble Or tied the integral|Ping ping! Handsome Bayern emerge a big hidden trouble Or tied the integral9

Ping ping! Handsome Bayern emerge a big hidden trouble? Or tied the integral November 5th Bundesliga tenth round of Bayern Munich 1 than 1 Hoffenheim 34 "Chu Bo (oolong) 15 ‘Demille Bailly sports reporter Yang Zijiang reported Bayern + home court against Hoffenheim of the game, Ancelotti’s team created a lot of chances, but away from home Hoffenheim obviously better, marshal Nagel Hirshman 1 team Bayern 1 draw strong, from the Allianz Arena took 1 points, both teams still unbeaten. In Bayern, the strength of the strong, in rotation or some lost in confusion, in the offensive and defensive end has exposed some problems. Week in the Champions League, Bayern with Lewandowski’s goal, away 2 to 1 to reverse the Eindhoven, ahead of the 2 round of 16. Hoffenheim is the weekend league and the focus of the war, Bayern 23 points ranked first, the Hoffenheim accumulated 19 points behind in fourth, two teams this season, the Bundesliga are unbeaten. Compared with a war against PSV, Ancelotti rotation in 4, Douglas – Costa, Tiago, Rafinha and Beernaert among the starting. However, rafinha defense is obviously better than Rahm sound. Just after 15 minutes, the Hoffenheim from the left to find the opportunity, Amiri knocked Wang, Demille Pai Road up tuishe, rafinha let Amiri too easily cut success. Although Bayern is behind the ball, but the sky is still optimistic about the home team. Bayern had 16 games against Hoffenheim unbeaten, which has 6 games is the village of advanced ball. The game also seems to predict and guests of the match, Bayern soon equalised. Thirty-fourth minutes, Robben road Zhise, Costa left the ball in midfield, Hoffenheim Chu Bo back rush rescue since put in anti oolong. At half-time, sky lists a set of data, Bayern this season has been two times reversed, once in the League home court to Ingolstadt, once in the Champions League against PSV Eindhoven, their last 7 League, the final result is 5 wins and 2 losses. However, as the sky as a guest of Hitzfeld pointed out that Bayern’s weakness: "Bayern defensive rotation so that some of the problems, although there is known as the world’s best defense, but Bayern recently 9 games lost 9 balls, it should not." Although the Bayern central defender is relatively stable, but the guardian is often rotated, making the whole line of defense lack of understanding. The Hoffenheim has not scored the last 12 games only 1 times, showing a strong attack. Data show that the second half of the attack is more powerful in Bayern, this season, all 24 goals scored in the second half, and the Bayern League, but the total number of goals but also 24. The second half, Bayern complete control of the situation has created chances before the end of two the threat is from substitute Muller creation. Eighty-seventh minutes, Muller pass the ball to the middle of the road, Hummel J shot in the column. Second minutes of stoppage time, Muller small closed line shot and doings of ghosts and gods in the column. 5 minutes in the two frame, only Bayern away win. The two teams had played 16 times, Bayern 3 times heroics, the score was 2-1, but luck will run out one day."