72The new season which teams can win The Spurs will ride Yong duo spoiler (video)|The new season which teams can win The Spurs will ride Yong duo spoiler (video)7

The new season which teams can win? The Spurs will ride Yong duo spoiler 2016-17 new season to rekindle the flames of sports news October 25th Tencent poised feudal lords vying for the throne each time a new beginning, means the birth of a new king. For the majority of fans, the new season champion gets what he Jia, apparently very aspect. Can the knight defend? Durant can rely on armed to the teeth of the warriors, to achieve their dreams? In addition to Knights and warriors, whether there are third new forces spoiler? A suspense through the regular season and playoffs, to unlock. Knight can defend the new season? The most popular is the warriors without doubt, when the warriors took Durant a success this summer the most shining star, almost everyone finds that the new season champion is not a warrior. Want to come too, to replace Barnes with Durant, equivalent to replace Lamborghini alto. The Warriors also set up an instant, then may be the most horrible big four lineup. In addition to the Gambling company will be set to "best warriors odds candidate" champion, even 2K, will also set a warrior in the game. Do not say anything else, the ability of 4 90+ players gathered in a team, in the past 2K game unprecedented. From this level, the warrior is almost the presence of the big Boss type, players have to have enough technology to beat the big Boss. The virtual game had so much trouble, the reality is clearly more exaggerated. In fact, in addition to weaker inside, the Warriors is almost a perfect team. The 7 preseason game, except for first teething problems against the Raptors, they won 6 games remaining. And Durant is quickly integrated into the team, there are some seamless means. It may be said that as long as the warriors inside their own problems, they will certainly be the most promising team, no one. See James knight for defending this summer threw a bomb warriors to knight in the offseason operation is much more low-key. The team is committed to the renewal of the ministers, keep on to win the season team. In addition to James no accident to renew the contract with the knights, JR after three months of wrangling, also finally to 4 years the price of 57 million left behind cleveland. As a result, in addition to Dunleavy and Anderson replaced by the outside of the team with the addition of the knight, the knight of the same lineup of players, but not the same as the replacement of the main body of the team, the same as in the United States and the. "There is a real mountain, Sun Tzu", maintaining the status quo also seems to be a good strategy. But the problem is greatly enhanced when the opponent team, if the knight still insist on maintaining the status quo, apparently to some means. It is precisely because of this reason, out of the odds in the Gambling company, the knight is far behind the warriors, has been regarded as different levels of the team. Of course, the Cavaliers won the greatest hope, or pinned on James’s body. As the first person present alliance founder James has always been a miracle. Last season’s finals, the knight behind 1-3 in despair suddenly lifted kknd, James open runaway mode, the knights with three cities comeback win. The weak overcame the strong. script, will continue to be staged in the new season.