72The new old alternant season theme in the backcourt to TEDA under brewing blood transfusion|The new old alternant season theme in the backcourt to TEDA under brewing blood transfusion2

The new old alternant season theme in the backcourt to TEDA TEDA get under brewing big shake this season fair competition team award special correspondent Xin Qi} reported to the identity of the tenth in the end, Tianjin TEDA team began to enter the holiday until December 5th to re focus. But for the club management, this holiday has nothing to do with them, even if the two top with a leader or a member’s identity into the old Tianjin A team, but when the old A in Shanghai was like a raging fire, but two people did not show up, they always stay in Tianjin, one of the season concluded, on the other hand for the coming year to market. Last season, TEDA conceded 50 goals conceded, after relegation in Shijiazhuang of Yongchang, and put the number goalkeeper Yang Qipeng is ranked second in total, the two from the statistics reflect different aspects of TEDA defense problems, so in the end of the season and Pacheco communication, decided at the back of TEDA exchange transfusion. At the beginning of the season, the former coach okuka chose back double foreign aid Mozambique striker Junior and Australian foreign aid Jovanovic, of which Junior is the club’s management and the group of experts selected to aid in the Portuguese overseas harvest, and Jovanovic was appointed KUKA austria. A down season, two people and the performance of law-abiding, not outstanding. "Cut due to repeated return, so the effect of the state, especially the middle of the season after the injury, the state is not ideal; Jovan although the height is very high, but turned Pianman, moreover the header and there is no obvious advantage." Inside the club to evaluate the performance of two foreign aid. The end of the season, cut back to Mozambique, and Jovan went to Australia to participate in the brother’s wedding, according to the present situation, they are not in the TEDA plan next year. 35 year old Cao Yang became the season of TEDA is not a surprise surprise. In 2015 the League did not sign up, has become in the reserve team coach Cao Yang to become an integral member of the team after the defense in the past year, but time is getting the new season while Cao Yang will stay in the first team, but expect Cao Yang to continue to maintain a high competitive state is not realistic. Cao Yang said, will be a normal heart to treat the back of his career, if you have the opportunity to hold, as long as the club has its own needs will be duty bound." But for the future, Cao Yang also revealed his desire to become a good coach. The new old alternate is the main theme of TEDA in 2017. With the aid of the veteran and gradually fade out, TEDA next year will be in the backcourt with 5 Neiyuan places. "Neiyuan the position of the main defender, defender and midfielder, currently has a relatively clear." Club executives said. It is understood that the introduction of TEDA Neiyuan standard is in the super effect, and will be able to play in the game, and no more than 30 years of age. Now TEDA is the most criticized the lack of midfield core, a tissue type playmaker will be key to the new season team tonic. At present, there are brokers to recommend to us, but also to communicate with the coach and group leaders, one thirty is difficult to determine." According to the club executives said that the central midfield organization, although the short term will not appear.