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How to understand "tumor markers", experts said the Provincial Tumor hospital! Sohu – Health Guide "blood" will be able to detect cancer? With the improvement of living standards and the level of diagnosis and treatment, people pay more and more attention to health examination. It is often heard that a tube of blood will be able to check the cancer, the so-called "blood" refers to the "tumor markers". Tumor markers, as the name suggests, are molecules associated with cancer. Globally, cancer is the second leading cause of death after cardiovascular disease. Many relatives and friends usually talking about cancer, the examination becomes "tumor markers" pale, think that their "cancer". Is there any relationship between the abnormality of tumor markers and tumor? Which of these tumor markers are related to the tumor? Tumor markers are directly related to the disease sooner or later? Today, look at the Zhejiang Cancer Hospital experts say. The diagnostic criteria of tumor and the evaluation criteria of tumor markers: the 5 year survival rate of patients with early stage ovarian cancer is close to 90%, while that of the latter is less than 20% in the last 5 years. Therefore, early detection and early treatment of tumor is the most important way to obtain long-term survival. The clinical history of tumor diagnosis depends on patients (subjective description) and auxiliary examination (objective results), the histopathological diagnosis of tumor of the "gold standard", but often gets the cells and tissues of the human body caused by trauma than blood tests. The tumor marker examination is more convenient, bring the trauma is small (as long as the blood pumping), so all of the serum tumor markers have great expectations, many medical institutions also take this as a gimmick, said a blood pumping can be found in cancer. What kind of tumor markers is the best? To see its sensitivity and specificity, the higher the sensitivity, the higher the specificity of tumor markers, is the ideal tumor markers. What is sensitivity and what is specificity? Sensitivity is the probability that a certain tumor marker will increase the risk of certain cancers. Specificity refers to the probability that a tumor marker is not elevated, and that the patient will not be mistaken for a certain type of cancer. Scientists hope to find an ideal tumor marker with high sensitivity and specificity, but unfortunately it has not been found so far. Tumor markers common tumor markers and the scope of application of single laboratory in common including embryonal tumor markers (AFP, alpha fetoprotein carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA), enzyme markers of prostate specific antigen PSA), carbohydrate antigen markers (CA199, CA125). ?? AFP AFP (normal adult 20ng < ml) AFP AFP is an academician of the famous Chinese surgical predecessors Tang Zhaoyou found and used in early diagnosis of primary carcinoma of liver, the sensitivity was 80%, specificity is high, such as in patients with a history of hepatitis B, liver tumor, 400ng ml and AFP > 1 April, may be manifestations of liver cancer. The discovery of AFP makes it possible for patients to be diagnosed and treated early. However, AFP alone can not be admitted to hospital