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You know what? Three reasons can lead to cold hands and feet! Sohu health many people always cold hands and feet, both summer and winter, there are three reasons why this: weak heart function, blood flow, hormone imbalance, more women than men. To maintain the normal temperature of any part of the body, the blood flow smoothly enough is very important, if the heart function is weak, cannot carry blood to the feet far away from the heart, so here than in other parts of the body more easily at low temperature. People who have heart disease or heart disease, although not, but because the usual lack of exercise, cardiac muscle strength is very weak, the heart pumps blood is weak, blood is not adequate to the hands and feet, hands and feet will be cold. If you look at traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine will say their veins ", this is Shen fine" this kind of physical common pulse, if the concept of TCM diagnosis, belongs to the "Qi" and "yang". The Chinese "Qi" and "Yang", in fact refers to the dysfunction of organs, and due to dysfunction leading to insufficient energy production, so the temperature will decrease, this function, including the function of the heart. So, if a very young, cold hands and feet, exercise is the most effective way to improve, if the elderly, weak people can use Tonifying Qi herbs tonifying the kidney, are in fact in order to improve cardiac muscle tension, improve heart function. Another reason is that the blood vessels are not smooth. Although the heart is no problem, but the flow of blood blocked, there is no adequate local blood flow to the natural temperature is low, which is more common in the lower limbs. If it is a cold leg, even skin color change, but also to consider the problem of thrombosis in the elderly, this before, people with diabetes, is a heavy smoker who are more likely to see if this leg cold walk more and more suck, and more to see vascular surgery, is likely to have problems of vascular embolization. Another reason is that women are unique, hormonal regulation of the disorder. This person is particularly sensitive to cold, it is easy to cold hands, fingers more common. A start in the winter, for a short time on recovery, but gradually, cold or emotional will attack, to attack the hands and fingers, toes can also attack. The first is the cold finger, white, purple, and red. If there is such a phenomenon, think "Raynaud’s syndrome" is a disease that causes vasoconstriction of arrhythmia, the menstrual period will increase, but reduced really pregnant, because it has a relationship and hormone secretion. If the finger or toe in cold water at 4 degrees Celsius for 1 minutes, can induce the symptoms, or woquan hands for 1 minutes, let go in bending state, also can cause the symptoms of this disease is pretty close. Related video: three minutes to teach you to solve the cold hands and feet! For more information, please refer to the original welcome to pay attention to micro signal: Tencent health like to click on the upper right corner of the circle of friends to share it