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Let me talk to you, those medicine for patients with heart warming story – click the "health Chinese health Sohu" Oh can subscribe to hospital, is actually composed of two simple groups: the medicine in the eyes of the patients, patients in the eyes of the doctor. Today, let’s talk about the lovely patients in their eyes…… There is a story of a late round every afternoon, that was the last day of the grasp of the patient condition, ask, understand, answer, day in and day out. On that day, when I found a suffering from Alzheimer’s disease ten years old woman, who usually has difficulty communicating, even to the sisters and children are not talking to the old man, he grabbed my arm and said to me: "I love you, I give you a cup of water drink!" Although only more than and 10 simple words, but at that moment my heart ah, all kinds of taste are welled up, the nose suddenly sour. I don’t know what the opening move I for the elderly, I do not want to ask how complex let the old man clinging to give me this cup of water, I only know this cup of water it hot or cold or not, in our eyes, it is a cup of warm water of 55 degrees, because the medicine the biggest happiness is from the patient’s trust and recognition, and I need to do is to give my patients. In fact, we all know the story of two children is a very noisy, messy place, we have been accustomed to, but that small night is unusually busy, no worker aunt help me a cup of water Kung fu. I can still have problems of disease mouth parched and tongue scorched, nonstop treatment children appear constantly, when I returned to the office to prepare the records like the wind, I found that the desk is half a watermelon lying quietly in the top edge is placed on a fruit knife, I looked around in a circle, who put ah? My heart is wondering, across the room 34 bed family came out and said, "I see you busy, said they do not speak anymore, I bought a watermelon, cut half can not afford to eat, eat for you, you don’t mind! What time will eat empty, put the knife back on my bedside table. "I heard, could not help the tears flow down, in addition to repeatedly said thank you, what can I say? This time, we can put the hard look in the eyes, can give us concern turned out to be a lovely family, how can I not be moved. Although I don’t have time to eat, can work after in the duty room quietly eating watermelon, once again I cry. At that moment, I really feel warm. Story three I want to say is that the blackout story, pharmacy medicine is the use of advance dispensing mode, with the payment is successful, the computer interface will be displayed, then we prepare drugs, patients waiting for to take medicine, take medicine before, we will check again to patients to ensure accurate. Although the day outage prepared, but it stopped electricity, in the row of the crooked team or a little restless, in order to have good medicine to patients, our staff are open mobile phone flashlight, to check the drug