71King of Africa 6 years of exposure to the lion alone, you do not believe this story|King of Africa 6 years of exposure to the lion alone, you do not believe this story3

The great king of Africa? Revealed 6 years old single lion this story you believe is great. Sina sports news Beijing time on November 12th, according to YAHOO sports reported that the Philadelphia 76 team center Joel de embid is an immigrant from Cameroon. When he first arrived in the United States, Nebid is obviously not suited to some, and he felt the lack of understanding and understanding of the African continent. In a recent interview with Nebid, he revealed that he had boasted to university mates that he had hunted lions in africa. "Since I came to the United States, I think Americans don’t know what’s going on in the world, especially in africa." Nebid said. "When they think of Africa, they think, you know, we’re running with the lions, tigers, and all the animals on the prairie. So, when I first came to University of Kansas, I used to take that as an advantage, and to brag about how I could kill a lion." "This is the way I become a man, because when I was 6 years old, I have to go into the jungle and kill a lion, then put it on their shoulders and back to my village, to prove that I am a man." And then they believed. The story may be true or false. No, I had no idea. But that’s what Americans think about africa." Nebid was obviously joking. The 6 year old killed a lion Besides, although Germany embid was born in Cameroon, but he grew up in the second largest city in Cameroon, but his family was good. At the age of 16, than the German immigrants in the United states. "It may be true or false. No one will know." Nebid said, "but if anyone tries to challenge me, they will know the truth." Nebid said immigration to the United States before he felt the United States is a paradise. But America’s political environment to make him feel worried, especially Donald Trump was elected the new president of the United states. "It’s hard to understand why people elect (Trump President). It shows how people think, and racism doesn’t go away." He said. (Rosen)