70Hou Zhenlin vs Shen Jianwu road FC staged a national Wrestling World War II – Sohu Sports|Hou Zhenlin vs Shen Jianwu road FC staged a national Wrestling World War II – Sohu Sports3

Hou Zhenlin VS Shen Jianwu ROAD FC staged a national wrestling war – Sohu sports in the beginning of the birth of the Brazilian MMA, Royce Gracie with thin appearance, with excellent Brazil Jiu Jitsu skills big kill Quartet, almost to the point where nobody can the enemy, will be in the comprehensive combat Brazil jujitsu laid the status of Brazil There is nothing comparable to this, jujitsu will carry forward, airfight system and rule MMA for several years. But with the gradual improvement of MMA in decades of development of techniques and tactics, they found no previous jujitsu players absolute dominance in the MMA game, but more and more wrestlers play strong, tough, almost half of the country occupied the territory of the world MMA. With more and more wrestlers transformation MMA, in many of the world’s top game, also appeared a lot of wrestler VS wrestling scene, two style similar to a strong "monster" has been striking. In November 19th, will be held in Shijiazhuang Hebei stadium ROAD FC Luther International Mixed Martial Arts Contest in the 34 period, there are two high level wrestler hopes, they are from the Northeast Chinese man Hou Zhenlin and South Korea "monster wrestling" Shen Jianwu.   Hou Zhenlin and Shen Jianwu were the national wrestling players in their respective countries, wrestling skills are very deep. Hou Zhen forest in July ROAD FC Luther International Mixed Martial Arts Contest in the 32 issue for the first time on ROAD FC, and a strong opponent will be wrestling fast down, continuous ground hammer round opponent to win TKO, performance is very amazing. "Wrestling monster" Shen Jianwu is participating in the "crying fist" after the debut of the player debut after winning last year due to war, waist injury health has recently suspended the game, he decided to return to the rehabilitation of the battle of gorgeous. Two people are the height of 1 meter 88, 120 kilograms of weight, size and not much difference between, perennial wrestling experience makes them have a strong physique and to destroy all the heavy, believe that two giant wrestler will be an exciting showdown for everyone! The ROAD FC Luther International Mixed Martial Arts Contest 34 game by CCTV-5 and YY Live, cctv.com broadcast, in addition, is Guanzhuang as ROAD FC’s strategic partner, but also by people who love sports. Guanzhuang was founded in 1899, is Korea Guanzhuang ginseng and red ginseng with its unique efficacy of Invigorating Qi and blood, improve resistance to enjoy a high reputation in the world. Today, ROAD and FC are Guanzhuang will work together in sports health conditioning and deeper cooperation to enhance physical field.