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Helicopter emergency rescue, open the air green life channel – Sohu health Sohu health Zhou Yichuan mentioned emergency medical treatment, many people think that the white ambulance. Indeed, the current domestic medical emergency mainly rely on ground first aid, and the ground is most afraid of emergency traffic congestion. Due to the impact of ground traffic conditions, the injured condition is easily delayed. The helicopter air medical rescue has the advantages of fast, efficient, limited geographical space, can greatly improve the efficiency of rescue. City medical rescue helicopter emerged in the late 20th century, there has been rapid development, many large and medium-sized city in the United States, Germany, France, etc. have been widely used, especially in the United States as an example, the air force rescue coordination center AFRCC as the main force, can rescue mission helicopter nearly 10000 frame. In Germany, the helicopter rescue system is highly developed, the establishment of a national aviation emergency rescue system, any point in its territory can be obtained within minutes of air rescue services. In contrast, China’s urban air medical rescue is still in its infancy, there is still a long way to go. April morning 9:30, Peking University International Hospital conducted an air medical rescue drill: a traffic accident caused due to injury, craniocerebral injured left leg fracture, by a rescue helicopter transported to the roof of Peking University International Hospital apron, minutes. Emergency medical personnel on standby will be injured quickly through the roof of the hydraulic ladder to the emergency department emergency. Chen Zhongqiang, President of Peking University international hospital. Taking into account the need to build aviation emergency hospital medical system, Peking University international hospital at the beginning of design has been prepared at the top of the apron; this time air medical rescue drills, the hospital has also reflected the ability of emergency medical rescue in complete emergency procedures and personnel training and other aspects, which is on the low level of emergency medical rescue system in Beijing and the Beijing Tianjin Hebei region are effective supplement and perfect. As a rescue helicopter equipment provider, Kingwing responsible Fan Dajun told the Sohu health reporter encountered critical patients, the command center can start the air rescue plan and rescue helicopter call center contact center received a rescue mission, can arrange rescue helicopter dispatched. Helicopters can be equipped with two medical staff and a patient, the patient can get emergency treatment on the helicopter. Not only is a sunny day, the helicopter in the evening and in rainy days under the condition of all-weather dispatched rescue (except the lightning, heavy rain and other severe haze, dangerous weather); while the helicopter is lighter, and the bottom of the sled type structure, the ground bearing capacity is not high, open area can be landed. Through the "air green life channel", the medical staff can get valuable rescue time for patients, improve the success rate of rescue.