70Chappell difficult to win the FedEx Cup but the outcome or not he is a winner in life|Chappell difficult to win the FedEx Cup but the outcome or not he is a winner in life5

Chappell difficult to win the FedEx Cup but the outcome or not he is a winner in life Chapel is looking forward to the Tour Championship final round of new breakthroughs in the sina sports news Beijing on September 25th news, Sunday in the Tour Championship win or fail, 2016 for Kevin Chappell had been one of the best years of career. Kevin Chappell may not want such a situation, when the East Lake game left 18 hole, he and Dustin – Johnson and Roy Mike tied for the lead, 2 shots behind, is tied for third place. This not only means that it is difficult for him to win his first win in Atlanta, also means that even if he won the first victory, he has not won the Federation cup. But Kevin Chappell has the good performance of their own, to become the season’s best wumianzhiwang. In 2016, he won the top 4 in a total of five. Palmer and Arno in the players championship tournament, he won second place after Jensen dey, he also RSM elite race behind Kevin – Kissner (Kevin Kisner). "I think in my self imposed pressure to outside, outside power burning in my heart, don’t need more power," Kevin Chapel said, "yes, this is close to several times, but did not succeed, give me enough oil. I look forward to learning from those experiences and applying them to tomorrow and see what happens in the end." Kevin Chappell just said his batting from no more than a week better. But he did show a high degree of control. He ranked first in the service table to the green score, attack green score and total score, while the green around the score ranked second. 54 holes down, he just swallowed the 1 bogey. Put aside the data aside, Kevin Chappell know that the vast majority of people expect Dustin Johnson to continue the final victory. Or behind the 2 Mike roy. At the same time, he was suspected of watching games in East Lake or fairway beside sit at home watching TV, how much is he can lift crystal trophy on Sunday night. "Other people feel that this will not happen," good-natured Kevin Chappell shrugged and said, "that the situation has not happened. So no one believed in me. I need to go and give my all. Dustin is sure to play great golf. This year he has been in this situation, and in the end only one or two difference." (wind)