6Xiong Jian 6.9%gdp growth rate and the growth rate of potential match – Sohu review|Xiong Jian 6.9%gdp growth rate and the growth rate of potential match – Sohu review

Xiong Jian: 6.9%GDP growth rate and potential growth rate match – Sohu comment summary: speed decline is the progress of China’s economic transformation and upgrading performance. China economy toward sophisticated steadily forward direction. 2015 China GDP increased by 19 6.9%, the China National Bureau of Statistics announced the 2015 China’s economic statistics, the annual economic growth of 6.9%. There is a voice that only a few years, China’s economic growth rate from about 10%, down to 8%, 7%, and now it is to 6.9%. All the way down, see the whole person is not good. In particular, this 6.9%, is to create the lowest value in 25 years, some people think that the Chinese economy is very bad. Is that so? We can analyze it from three dimensions. First of all, this speed is healthy, and the potential growth rate of the match. In 2013 the National People’s Congress examined and adopted the "government work report" for the first time said: "must make the economic growth and the potential growth rate of coordination, and factors of production supply capacity, and resource and environment capacity adapt." What is the potential growth rate? It is determined by the supply of production factors, the increase in productivity and the capacity of resources and environment in a country or region. Real economic growth should be consistent with it, if the deviation is too much, it will have a lot of side effects. To put it plainly, the potential growth rate is a person’s appetite, him a meal can eat two steamed bread, which is coincide with his own stage of development, physical fitness, if he has a meal to eat three, four steamed bread, on the body is certainly harmful. And, according to estimates by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Chinese economy’s potential growth rate, from the reform and opening up the beginning to 2010 about 10% during the period, down to during the "Twelfth Five Year Plan" period, an average of 7.6%, and then to the 45 period the average of 6.2%. Therefore, today’s GDP trend is in line with the trend of potential growth rate, is in line with the economic law. Secondly, the deepening of globalization to global economic herewith cool heat, world economy is not yet out of the financial crisis of 2007 full recovery, China can not be an exception, ending China’s robust economic growth, is also a matter of course. Moreover, compared to other countries and regions, the economic performance of China’s 6.9% growth rate is not low. At the same time, the rate of decline is the progress of China’s economic transformation and upgrading performance. Sub industry view, the first industrial added value increased by 3.9% over the previous year, the second industry increased by 6%, the value of the third industry increased by 8.3%. Third industrial added value growth rate higher than the second industry, the first industry, while the annual third industry added value accounted for 50.5% of GDP, an increase of 2.4 percentage points over the previous year, higher than the second industry 10 percentage points. All of the structural adjustment in the direction of the development of a good. At the same time, new industrial growth faster, last year’s high technology industry increased value over the previous year growth of 10.2%, than the above scale industrial fast 4.1 percentage points, accounting for the proportion of above scale industrial 11.8%, than last year increased by 1.2 percentage points. This shows that China economy towards sophisticated steadily forward direction. )