6The road police night drunk driving men abandoned the vehicle to Beijing – Liu Waner|The road police night drunk driving men abandoned the vehicle to Beijing – Liu Waner

The road police yecha wine driving men abandoned the vehicle and pretend Waner – report from our correspondent (reporter Nan Kaiyu) know that drunk driving is illegal and dangerous, but there are still people who knowingly. Before the day, a man drunk driving, see the police check, then get off to leave, pretend the car is not open. In fact, his illegal situation, has long been shown in the police law enforcement recorder. April 15 21 years, the capital of the rhythm gradually Lili under a light rain, city traffic police Xinhua West police station police in the rain in a railway tunnel in Qiaokou yecha wine driving. Suddenly, the police noticed a white car parked motionless under the bridge, a driver from the car down, locked the door towards the south of Qiaokou came, while zouzui still hum the ditty. Seeing this, the police Xing Wenying greeted him, stopped the man and asked him how to lock the car in the middle of the road. The driver’s response was unexpected: "this is not my car." The police asked: "you are not drinking?" The man simply said: "drink, drink a little wine for a Waner, this police is tube ah!" The police let the man blowing detection, driver blowing test index for 51mg 100ml. This figure indicates that the man if you drive, has been drunk driving. At this time, the hearts of the police is already clear, the man is saw the police check. Due to the narrow road cannot turn to escape, then abandoned the vehicle and lied to Waner, to muddle through. The police asked: "it was raining, your body is not wet ah, you see our clothes are wet, just get off? Is this your car?" The man said with a smile: "I just under the bridge to avoid a moment of rain, so the body is not too wet, the car is not mine, I did not drive." In the face of the man denied, Xing Wenying let a man turn pockets, the man put the remote control car keys turned out, press the button on the key, car parked under the bridge was opened, the police will the man and vehicle control. Subsequently, the police from the car to find the driving license and driver’s license, above the name and the name of the man. Subsequently, the police and the law enforcement recorder in the video to watch, the video clearly shows the man stopped, get off, the whole process of locking the car. Faced with the evidence, man was speechless, had to admit illegal facts the drunk driving. According to the regulations, the police then to the fan surname man issued a written decision on the administrative penalty, the fine 1000 yuan, down 12 points, driver’s license suspended for six months. Here, the police once again remind the driver friend, not luck, drunk driving is more dangerous than checked.