6The prisoners were killed 900 thousand off-duty police pay seal deputy director jailed for news – So|The prisoners were killed 900 thousand off-duty police pay seal deputy director jailed for news – So

The prisoners were killed in police pay 90 million sealing off-duty deputy director jailed – Sohu News was released from prison after Xie Changchang (left) and North Ji Xu Youth News reporter Hanyuan illiterate Mo mother carefully scrutinize the verdict recently, a public security bureau’s compensation 90 million "Mo Yang, was sentenced to police innocence exposed insider" net post heat transfer. Subsequently, the Beijing Youth Daily received posted by telephone, said the husband as someone’s detention center deputy director, the prisoners died two days ago did not shift, and also not on duty of discipline and the police, due to dereliction of duty were awarded the crime of a year to a year and a half. The duty of the major, the directly responsible person has been criminally investigate. At the end of 2013, the event of prisoners death occurred in Guangxi Yangshuo detention center, the police concluded that the suspect died of disease. Then the police and the relatives of the deceased signed a 900 thousand yuan compensation agreement, said once the exposure of the matter, will be returned to the money. Subsequently, the insider revealed that the deceased had suffered beatings and abuse, this section for the 900 thousand seal". Beijing Youth Daily reporter rushed to the local were investigated for nearly two months after the publication of the "custody suspects suspected to have been" castellan "beaten to death" and so on many articles reported, a joint investigation team immediately entered the incident investigation. Subsequently, 3 prisoners convicted of intentional assault, 3 public officers have been held criminally liable for committing the crime of dereliction of duty. What is the death of a text is accidental or inevitable? Was the three police officers are "top package" or "sin when the penalty"? "900 thousand sealing fee" to "cover" the loss of the system, the mechanism of the leak? Recently, BYD reporter went to the local investigation. The old mother has not remember his son died in December 22, 2015, the winter solstice. Ten in the morning, Guilin City Intermediate People’s court in the second trial, the suspect Mo Youwen before the death of the detention center – Yangshuo detention center three police officers, in the second trial of the court. Vice director Xie Changchang, police Chen Chongdong, police Ji Xu dissatisfied with their due to dereliction of duty, was sentenced to 1 year to 1 year and a half sentence of first instance of appeal, the court rejected. Previously, in the detention center 4 prison room and 8 prison room, to Mo Wen were mistreat battered Jin Xiang Zeng, Zhang aiming, where Jianyun, arrested for the crime of intentional injury, were sentenced to more than 10 years sentence. Xing Ping Zhen Huang Ni Tian Cun, road twists and turns, Mo Wen home here. Guangdong and Guangxi, known as the "energy-saving" custom. But in front of a Mo in addition to drying of grapefruit skin, a deserted house. The 74 year old mother Mo Zheng Fuying, being in the rain outside work. BYD reporters after the investigation was informed, Mo Wen before the accident, and old mother and a brother, live at home the two adobe house. He has been on a kumquat tree and help people doing odd jobs to feed the old mother. "My son had had two division, the boss to his dad, I have a pension, mo. Mo Wen after the accident, boss have a family. I don’t call him!" Zheng Fuying revealed that the boss has now another new house. When Fu Ying Zheng learned that her son with prison inmates persecution, and supervision of the police, have been subject to criminal punishment, she did not show the expected pleasure. "I don’t feel happy. I only know that when I was young, I wanted to