6The Japanese attack Blizzard more than 200 people were injured; traffic chaos passers can’t do|The Japanese attack Blizzard more than 200 people were injured; traffic chaos passers can’t do

Japan suffered a snowstorm hit more than 200 people injured & nbsp; traffic chaos passers unable to move – International – People’s network Eastern Japan suffered heavy snow hit. Comprehensive reports, 18, the eastern and northeastern Japan ushered in the snow, Tokyo City, a rare 6 cm of snow. Severe weather led to 204 people were injured, most of them accidentally fall in the snow, only about 40 people in Tokyo because of falls or other accidents. Heavy snow led to the local railway traffic into chaos. Some train station snow, the authorities decided to reduce the frequency, a large number of workers due to the car can not be late. A world of ice and snow make the pedestrians on the road impassable, many people slipped and was admitted to the hospital; due to Tokyo’s owners are mostly not prepared snow tires, yesterday slip accident occurred one after another. Japan’s Meteorological Agency said that the cold air from the day before yesterday started straight attack the Japanese archipelago, Kanto and Northeast China since the last night when it began to snow. In the rare snow in the city of Tokyo, the accumulation of 6 cm of snow. In some counties such as pear county and Saitama Chichibu mountain, the snow has reached record high of about 40 cm. According to Japanese media reports, Tokyo is a transit station of crowds of people, a lot of people trapped in the platform of the cold waited more than an hour can not be squeezed into the car. Some of the station platforms are about Jibao, simply to lock the door to the station. In the cold wind, the passengers were refused the door. Some media statistics, in long queues outside the station, some 100 meters. Japan land transport authority for the safety of the blockade of the highway. In addition, the owners are also vigorously warning the road slippery, you must be prepared to drive the snow tires. However, it is still not to stop the occurrence of the accident. The snow on the road, pedestrians are many passers-by a can’t do anything, he slipped and broken bones. According to the Tokyo Fire Bureau data yesterday dispatched ambulances transported injured and light is a morning there were hundreds of people. Because of the heavy snow crisis, education authorities in Tokyo yesterday morning temporary starting, let snow area public schools closed. Tokyo suburb of Hachioji city has 56 schools announced the temporary suspension, and 264 school in the city of Tokyo delayed the time for class. Japan Broadcasting Association (NHK) reported that heavy snow caused about 8400 power outages. Japan Meteorological Agency forecast snow weather continues, the Northeast snow or up to 80 cm, the Kanto Koshin region is up to 40 cm.