6The fugitive arrested him for the police to take the initiative to say hello was arrested|The fugitive arrested him for the police to take the initiative to say hello was arrested

Fugitive to once catch his police take the initiative to say hello caught (original title: to the police to greet the suspect betrayed) Changsha News newspaper stealing fence flees for a year, in the road with the police to touch the positive, Liu Ping (a pseudonym) unexpectedly enthusiastically to the police played Hello, this passion does not matter directly to the he sent to the police station. January 2015, members of the public Li Li (a pseudonym) and friends in the liberation of the West Road, a home appliance play dance machine, equipped with a mobile phone bag on the back of a bench. This scene happened to be discovered by Liu Ping. At the time the video monitor display, Liu Ping Xian is sloshing around on the bench beside, sideways bending, turning the backpack, pulled out a cell phone pocket pocket on the left, the whole process not to 5 minutes. Liu Pingtou a black phone, the value of more than 2000 yuan, then, Liu Ping in an underground passage, to 100 yuan will be the cell phone stolen goods. Li Li received the report, Slope Street police station found that Liu Ping is a recidivist. In August 2014, Liu has for stealing a mobile phone is slope son Street police station to fight, to describe police Liu Ping feature through the contrast of the video, draw pictures and distributed to criminal investigation team and Fanpa team. 2016 on February 13, after a lapse of more than a year, Liu thought to escape the limelight, then took to the streets to find the "target", in the south of Huangxing Road Pedestrian Street, Liu Ping met once catch his police patrol. Liu Ping took the initiative to raise his hand and said to the police: "hey!" Finish this sentence, Liu also shocked, his side a body to leave, the police came to one to the press to live, back to the police station. In front of the video evidence, Liu Ping explained what happened. 42 years old this year, he is Changde Anxiang County, to Changsha for over ten years. In the meantime, he picked up a waste, snack bar waiter, but there has been no fixed income and residence, by a decent job cannot make yourself comfortable days, Liu Ping actually playing the theft of the idea. At present, the case is still under further investigation. Editor: Chen Chen SN225