6The former Real Madrid president x FIFA rookie Zidane ban inhumane (video)|The former Real Madrid president x FIFA rookie Zidane ban inhumane (video)

The former Real Madrid president: rookie Zidane into the X factor FIFA ban inhumane Calderon that Zidane had no experience of Real Madrid (data) x factor Zizou Real Madrid during the classic moment Marseille roundabout outside the day flying fairy has become past Tencent sports January 21 hearing, according to the Spanish "Aspen" news, former Real Madrid president Ramon Calderon has talked about the encounter Zinedine Zidane and Real Madrid signings ban, he believes that Zidane did not experience, Real Madrid’s X factor, when it comes to FIFA’s ban on signing Calderon that this inhuman, not conducive to the growth of the young players. Zidane took office after the team achieved a two game winning streak. However, it seems that he good prospects for Real Madrid in, but look at the Vicente Calderon Zidane. He is actually unknown, "Zidane is unknown, because as a coach, he has no experience, just in the third division side had one and a half years of coaching experience. But on the other hand, he also has his advantage, because he used to be a great player, know how to think about how the players play. He also knows that in the star studded in the dressing room how to deal with the relationship. After all, he was a member of the, and the current Real Madrid’s first team a lot of players are also had work, they are very respect Zidane, Zidane have the opportunity to success in Real Madrid, he was at present lack of luck. " When it comes to FIFA’s ban on signing, Calderon anger batch, "in this matter, I think FIFA act should be more flexible, because those to the Real Madrid’s child has a dream, their family in life may also in misfortune. I when the Real Madrid president of nine years, I always children consider in either education or training, some did indeed violate illegal rules of restricted area, but I think should be flexible in dealing with such rules. " (Brooke)