6The first half report Kobe 7 was 1 fmvp two 56-43 cap spurs Lakers sports Sohu|The first half report Kobe 7 was 1 fmvp two 56-43 cap spurs Lakers sports Sohu

Half of the battlefield: Bryant 7 1 being fmvp cap spurs 56-43 Lakers – Sohu Sports Beijing time on January 23, the NBA regular season fighting in nine games, which the Spurs in the first half to lead the Lakers 56-43, Kobe Bryant 7 1, accounted for only 2 points, but also suffered two large cap, Ginobili contributed 11 points. A De because of back spasms sidelined, Hibbert and Randall each contributed 4 points, and the Spurs are opening 8 throw in 1. Critical moment, Green hit 3 points to stabilize the situation. Kobe two even iron, Leonard even got 7 points to help the Spurs to 16-12 anti ultra. After the suspension, Randall jumper, but Green hit 3 points, Parke scored a breakthrough will be widened to 9 points. With three minutes left, suffered Leonard twice large cap Kobe end, Manu Ginobili and mills hit a 3. Fortunately, Clarkson and Russell has responded with three points. In the first quarter, the Spurs lead 31-22. In the second quarter, the Lakers played 6-0 spurt. Fortunately, Ginobili hit a jumper, Ginobili led the Spurs once will be widened for 10 minutes, Manu Ginobili in this section with the eight points. In 9 minutes, Kobe returned to the market, after 5 consecutive shots of the "pan" finally hit a jumper. The last 3 minutes of this section, the Lakers have not got a point, while the Spurs made a wave of 8-0 small climax. At half time, the Spurs lead the Lakers by 56-43 13 points. Lakers: Bryant, Clarkson, Williams, Hibbert, Randall Spurs: Parker, green, Duncan, West, Leonard (Luan)