6Shenzhen bans on the first day of detention 300 people limit electric motorcycle|Shenzhen bans on the first day of detention 300 people limit electric motorcycle

Shenzhen ban motorcycle trip restrictions on electric cars on the first day of detention of more than 300 people, the original title: Jin Mo brownouts first day detention of more than 300 people yesterday, Xinzhou Road, a police finishing seized motorcycles. Shenzhen Daily reporter Xiao Bingfeng Intern Yang Weiwei photo yesterday, Fuhua Road, a man seized in a single sign. Shenzhen Commercial Daily reporters Xiao Bingfeng intern Yang Weiwei taken yesterday, Bao’an Avenue Xixiang Road intersection parked more than 10 vehicles were seized by motorcycle, electric bicycle. Shenzhen Commercial Daily reporters shyi Ming Chen correspondent Chen Zhengxiao perturbation [Shenzhen Economic Daily News (reporter Zheng) reporter yesterday from the city traffic police bureau was informed that, March 22 to March 23, Shenzhen traffic police in the city set 150 points of remediation carried out for a period of 48 hours the first focus on remediation actions. According to statistics, the first day of action seized motorcycle and electric bicycle 3406, detained 322 people. The day before, I will carry out a comprehensive public power limit management of special campaigns focused on head. As the "main force" Jin Mo brownouts work, City Public Security Bureau will organize district public security, traffic police, from March 21 until the end of April, will focus to carry out remediation action 6 times. Yesterday was the first day of the operation, traffic police on the subway, bus station, port, commercial downtown area use motorcycles, electric bicycles, touting showmanship "mess", carried out large-scale and intensive remediation; and at night in soliciting staff gathered place of residence of the source area to carry out "encirclement" rectification. For driving a motorcycle without a license, in the subway, bus station and other regional aggregation touting showmanship, illegal use of electric (motor) tricycle, and the "involving friction involving electricity" people violent resistance to law, shall be detained in accordance with law. Editor: Liu Debin SN222