6Shanghai research chain media said its exclusive agent was stopped – Sohu news|Shanghai research chain media said its exclusive agent was stopped – Sohu news

Shanghai home chain survey: media said its exclusive agent was halted – Sohu News in Shanghai, chain of home real estate Zaoyang Road branch, a staff member is closing the door knock on both sides of the door and window advertising has been removed. Surging news reporter PIH Shanghai city live Committee: survey results will be published in time on February 24, Shanghai City Residential Project Construction Committee, municipal legislative affairs office and other departments held an emergency closed door meeting, on the day before the city fire for temporary cease trading treatment for covered Commission exposure of the chain home two consumer cases, and said, of illegal real estate brokerage industry, relevant government departments will further increase the supervision of the real estate brokerage market. On the morning of the same day, Shanghai Construction Committee also interviewed the relevant person in charge of the chain of companies, a preliminary understanding of the found and the company chain stores are not standardized management behavior. Currently, the Shanghai Municipal Construction Committee has decided to carry out a formal investigation, and asked the chain companies to actively cooperate. During the investigation will be suspended chain companies involved in the shop and related brokerage personnel online contract qualification. By the Shanghai Municipal Construction Committee agreed, effective immediately, the Shanghai Real Estate Trading Center has been suspended net signed qualification of someone’s stores and personnel, the results of the investigation and handling will promptly to the society announced. February 24th afternoon, the Shanghai chain home in its official micro-blog issued on the recent Shanghai chain home related to the two dispute statement, said the Shanghai chain will be the first time to set up a task force to investigate the matter. In the statement, the chain has repeatedly stressed that employees in the transaction process is not rigorous, resulting in the Consumer Protection Committee announced the two cases of service flaws. Shanghai Municipal Construction Committee said. Recently, the city real estate brokerage irregularities on the rise, relevant government departments will further increase the supervision of the real estate brokerage market, promptly investigate and deal with illegal behavior, and earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the parties to the transaction, to maintain the real estate market stable, healthy and orderly development. Interviews found that financial products are unable to provide for the record in real estate transactions intermediary, after paying the deposit after being informed of the houses have one or more mortgage, is not the case. Consumer Mr. Liao told news reporters surging and himself before the signing of the contract of brokerage was never told to buy property is in a secured. Down payment, the problem is coming – the house can not transfer. Obviously estate intermediary regulation is not in place, when intermediary instead falsely accuse, will push the responsibility to individuals, to beat a retreat consumers refused to deposit the full refund. And then, the intermediary company to act as peacemaker: you do not have the money to continue trading? I lend you. Consumers Zhang told the surging news reporter said that they had to advance financing services, a monthly interest rate of up to 2%. In the second-hand housing transaction process, due to the landlord has not paid the housing loans, and the need to advance funds is not rare, known in the real estate industry for bridge funding. However, in accordance with the requirements of the China Banking Regulatory Commission, if you want to launch a lending function of financial products, must be carried out for the record, otherwise it is illegal business. In Shanghai City Consumer Protection Committee and the Construction Committee of the interviews, the chain of home failed to provide any record. Its legitimacy has not yet been relevant departments.