6Seven western countries vowed to destroy its action against is to speed up Iran and Syria – Beijing |Seven western countries vowed to destroy its action against is to speed up Iran and Syria – Beijing

Seven western countries to accelerate action to combat is vows destroy the Iraqi Syrian headquarters in new network in Beijing January 22 (Xinhua) 22, according to foreign media reports, Western leaders agreed to accelerate to crackdown terrorist organization "Islamic state (CIS), vowed to destroy the terrorist organizations in Iraq and Syria’s headquarters. France, Germany, Italy, Britain, the Netherlands, the United States and Australia seven defense minister on the 20th in the Paris meeting, decided to the Islamic state in Iraq and Syria to strengthen and accelerate the blow. The joint press conference held after the meeting with the French defense minister rod Lyon in U.S. Defense Secretary Carter said the ministers in the coming year hand in hand against the Iraqi national organization, as the "power center" to retake Mosul, Iraq and Syria La and the fight against the Iraqi national organization in the branches around the world to reach a consensus. Carter announced that Iraq alliance of 26 defense long plus Iraq next month 11 will be in Brussels held the first meeting, he called for "countries should come prepared to discuss to blow ‘Islamic nations’ further contribution". Carter said, with nearly 60 member countries of the international alliance to play the Iraqi need more special forces, reconnaissance, transportation and logistics support. He hopes that countries, especially at present, focus on participating in the civil war in Yemen, the Persian Gulf countries to contribute more. Lud Leon said at the meeting: "the organization is back in Iraq, now is the time to strengthen joint operations, to take a consistent military strategy." The Iraqi National Organization recently frequently frustrated, its claim to the establishment of the Caliphate "layout reduces the quarter, including in the last month by the Iraqi government forces recaptured the city of Ramadi. The U. S. – led Allied bombing destroyed Iraqi national organization of a lot of cash pool and a tanker, lead to the funding chain hit. Allied down to further increase the blow strength, namely to combat Islamic state’s new emphasis on locking in the destruction of its cash. The Iraqi national organization through the illegal sale of oil in Iraq and Syria around the accumulation of large amounts of cash, including local currency and dollar. Warren, a spokesman for the American troops stationed in Iraq on Wednesday to the media said that in recent months in Iraq and Syria nine air strikes destroyed the organization several tens of millions of dollars in cash. "Let the enemy attack the cash vault feel feel the pain, they are with cash, no credit." US military also announced the air on Iraq ‘s cash library image, one of the video display earlier this month in Mosul, a building was shelled, sudden explosion, suddenly a lot of money all over the sky flying. Warren said the organization in Mosul, the Iraqi national organization in another cash base on Monday by air strikes. He said: "the attack on oil facilities to make them lose money, and the destruction of the cash pool to take their cash on hand, really gave them a pressure." Warren said, causing civilian casualties in Iraq in the organization of the cash pool of air strikes, casualties in the following ten. The Pentagon has shown that even if the air strikes could lead to civilian deaths, the U.S. military intends to expand the air strike target to strengthen efforts to fight iraq. The Allies intensified the bombing of Iraq’s oil infrastructure and oil trucks, and hit its main source of income, so that it appears to have funds.