6Sealed for 23 years opening cigarette burglary homicide arrested Beijing -|Sealed for 23 years opening cigarette burglary homicide arrested Beijing –

Sequestration 23 years cigarette butts "opening" order of the burglary, robbery and murder were arrested – in the new network in Beijing, Nanjing, January 20 (Xinhua) (Guo Yanan) 20, learned from the Jiangsu Yixing police, Yixing City, Jiangsu Province Public Security Bureau through the technical appraisal of 2 cigarette, uncovered 23 years ago, the homicide. The root cigarette is 23 years ago suspects remain in the vicinity of the crime scene, in view of the technical conditions at that time, cannot directly solve the case, has been set as evidence sealed so far. The evening of July 7, 1992, the town of Yixing city Jiangsu occurred in a major burglary murder. The case caused a dead one injury, some items lost. The burglary case has not been broken for more than and 20 years. The case ushered in a turning point in 2014, 20 years of cigarette storage into the investigation key evidence. The victim Zhang recalled: "home was not lost anything, lost a recorder and a watch, that year (1992) is probably worth more than two hundred dollars. At that time he was already more than and 50 years old, only he and his wife two people live, there are no neighbors around. When you wake up the seriously injured Zhang, found that his wife had been beaten to death by the criminal suspect. Suspects have fled the scene." Police at the scene of the incident on the second floor of a calendar picture and found a gold with palm prints of blood, still the incident scene surrounding extracted two cigarette butts. Jiangsu Yixing City Public Security Bureau Criminal Police Brigade major squadron captain Wang Huafeng said: "we in the scene around the pit edges and potato to extract the two pieces of cigarette butts." Police immediately expand the scope of the investigation, due to the incident in Zhejiang, Anhui, Jiangsu provinces at the junction, as well as the investigation of the technology is limited, the suspect has not been arrested. Traces from the scene of the suspect, and 2 cigarette butts has been sealed without breaking the case as evidence. 2014, the local police to introduce a number of high-tech detection equipment, able to detect a variety of effective data. Yixing public security over the years failed to break the case evidence were detected again. Among them, 23 years before the murder scene of cigarette butts in submission. Jiangsu Yixing City Public Security Bureau Criminal Police production brigade Deputy captain Liu Zhirong said: "through the inspection and appraisal, two pieces of cigarette butts, we extract to the suspects left DNA data." Liu Zhirong said: "23 years ago, cigarette butts as evidence only that criminal suspects have the habit of smoking and smoking quality. Now detected DNA data, it is convenient for a lot of. October 2015, we found, a person’s DNA data, with our site cigarette DNA data consistency, indicating that the people at that time appeared in the crime scene around. " With the same DNA data, the police still can not determine that the person is the suspect at the time. Liu Zhirong said: "found the man, we put his palm with us in center field calendar picture blood palmprint comparison, found a consistent, so as to determine the is suspect." December 7, 2015, the police in Bozhou City, Anhui Province, the suspect Zhou captured. Zhou explained, he also has another friend, the two is the relationship between his comrades. Two)