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New Zealand issued a new industry study rules of international study abroad students will benefit – in new network on July 14, according to the New Zealand Tianwei network reported, New Zealand recently introduced a series of new regulations, including the new more stringent "on the students guidance and care industry rules, to ensure that international students in New Zealand during the study to obtain needed care and support, to achieve academic success. This "industry rules" replaced the New Zealand in 2002 promulgated the world’s leading "industry rules". New Zealand higher education, skills and Employment Minister Steven Joyce said: "a new version of" the rules of the industry, will further strengthen the educational institutions enroll international students student responsibility, and strengthen the students in the new period of care and love. " New edition of the "rules" requirements, educational institutions should be in the international international students arriving in New Zealand before to provide accurate and reliable information, the students on the basis of make study the choice of New Zealand; and educational institutions for international students to provide they arrived in New Zealand after can enjoy the service and advice. Version of the rules of the industry, the supervision unit of the New Zealand Qualifications Certificate Authority to demand educational institutions to correct the irregularities, and can more quickly will educational institutions do not behave well removed from the international student market. The rules of the industry make New Zealand qualification certification authority can more effectively and other education quality supervision mechanism with supervision of educational institutions and in Institutions of learning to enter the market to carry out strictly, including through a series of strengthening standard check carefully apply to join the industry regulation "of educational institutions. Minister Joyce said: "the industry rules require supervision of educational institutions and to ensure that they are used for the quality of recruit students of the agency, including on the agency of background checks, to ensure that the agency has complete and reliable study information of New Zealand. Education institutions must sign contracts with their agents. The contract must include the reasons for the termination of the contract by the education institution and the failure to comply with the New Zealand laws and regulations (including the "trade rules"). In addition, a new dispute settlement mechanism has come into force. It can be more rapid and effective in resolving the differences between students and educational institutions in terms of contract or financial. Resolution FairWay, a New Zealand state owned enterprise, has been named as the operator of the dispute settlement mechanism. Secretary Joyce said: "the rules of the industry and the new dispute settlement mechanism will ensure that New Zealand continues to be a leader in the field of international student care. New Zealand has a good reputation in providing high quality learning experience, ideal life style and opportunities, and the skills and qualifications required for the future."