6Monkey years to, your happiness to knock on the door|Monkey years to, your happiness to knock on the door

In the year of the monkey, you are happy to knock on the door of the Lunar New Year and the Spring Festival is coming to us quickly. The most profound call of the Spring Festival is to go home. As long as the front is home again, the cold wind can not stop the pace, feather like snow is not cool mood. Indeed, for people in the struggle, mother’s embrace, father of Tzu Chi’s language, relatives and friends cheerfully, Mo is not the warmth of hope; tongue dumplings, fried rice cakes, rice cakes, the most beautiful aftertaste; folk couplets, ancestor worship, firecracker, Mo is not the most difficult to forget the memory. The most important thing is a kind of kinship, geographical relationship and create a considerate of each other, mutual reference stream, then developed the communication cannot replace. " So, are you home? Sitting in a warm home, steeped in the growing taste, better. But not everyone can easily understand the practical. Reporter February 6 & nbsp; from the & nbsp; & nbsp; East & nbsp; & nbsp; Yi "12 and 25" gypsum mine collapse accident rescue headquarters was informed that, at present the scene of the accident has does not have the rescue conditions and according to the body to produce general rules limit analysis of underground 13 lost person has no possibility of survival, therefore decided since February 6, termination of the rescue scene. And on the morning of February 6th, Kaohsiung, Taiwan occurred 6 . 7 strong earthquake, according to the Taiwan earthquake site Command Center released the news, the current 172 people registered lost contact, and another 10 people have no signs of life. For the bereaved compatriots, any comforting words are my. May the dead rest! Let life fade festive atmosphere a little more inexplicable dignified. This seems to be the dignified festive atmosphere is not coordinated, in fact it is misunderstood Chinese the intention of setting festivals. In the opinion of experts on folklore, the origin of the festival actually due to the traditional society of people for the future a sense of uncertainty, so he wanted to thank the nature’s gift, and that gift can not continue, in a special node to pray when, full of hope, and is difficult to avoid a little anxious… So the Spring Festival in China has two meanings, one represents the reunion, so-called "rich have no money, home to the new year", means wishing, so nursery rhymes, singing, "tanggua Jizao, new year arrived; girl to spend, boy to gun; the old man to Ting Hsin felt hat, old lady elements of new cotton padded jacket." Spring Festival every year, this year may be different? Spring Festival in the year of the monkey, what kind of vision do you have? "The way home reunion is no longer difficult?" This is perhaps just experienced people stranded in spring most likely to think of the problem of suffering. At first glance, this topic it seems there is no solution, because spring such a large-scale migration almost everlasting with, not to mention the improvement of capacity limit and under the condition of market economy, railway departments could not alone for a moment a year in a substantial increase in capacity, and the capacity in a year in most of the time idle. But if people work outside the more opportunity to reunite with their families, the Spring Festival is not the congestion will be reduced? Here, 4