6Luneng Youth Olympic six to 93 qualifying generation into the future national football cornerstone -|Luneng Youth Olympic six to 93 qualifying generation into the future national football cornerstone –

Luneng youth six expedition Olympic preliminaries 93 generation into future national football foundation – Sohu sports on Wednesday began, the Olympic will in Qatar played the Olympic preliminaries, this is them through Rio’s best chance. Maybe they are not optimistic about the majority of fans, but the team’s current desire to play, can be said to have reached the highest point in the past few years. The Olympic squad, "Luneng made up to 6 people, Wang Tong, Wu Xinghan, Binbin is Luneng the main or reserve, zhe Chen Guochao new season in the first team, MI Haolun was loaned to Yongchang effect, Yang Kuo has transfer Henan Jianye, they are publicly expressed reached the Olympic Games of desire, this time they can be successful? In 2011, with 89 generation for the Olympic team, squad has impact the Olympic Games, when the team has Wang Lei, Wu Xi, Zhang Lin? And other young people, but they in the qualifiers start losing the battle, and missed the final twelve strong race. They were also labeled the "weakest Olympic" label, but they have now become the cornerstone of the national team. Now, the 93 generation for the 89 Olympic Olympic "rescue", fans dubbed the new "Olympic". May after four years, 93 generation regardless of the record, ability, are to be same as their predecessors, and picking up the banner. No matter how high they can finally reach, they are destined to be the foundation of the country’s 2022 World Cup. But for now, they do not have the time to think about it too much, the impact of the Rio Olympics is their goal in the near future, in addition to 18 year-old young fellow Zhang Yuning, Rio Olympics will be these players in this life only a Olympic Games chance. Yesterday, the AFC official Games in the upcoming war will Asian zone qualifying, to all countries in the world worth attention to players were introduced, Luneng guard Wang Tong as a representative of the Olympic, a grand launch of the AFC. At the beginning of the week of the three games in the group phase, the Olympic can play a wonderful performance in response to questions? Let us wait and see. The Olympic Olympic preliminaries Wednesday this war, Luneng for six to go, toward the "in" dare "about"? Zuo Haitao told reporters Wednesday 0 30 points, the Olympic will be in Qatar played, ushered in Rio Olympic Games Asian Zone qualifiers for the finals of the first opponent, your opponent is the host Qatar. From the beginning of the game three games will determine the group phase, leading to the fate of the Rio olympic. Yesterday, the Football Association released POSTER "toward in go, dare to invite?" for the officers and men of the Olympic bolstering departure, this time qualifying, it can be said is the Olympic in recent years to the ultimate test, can hold, largely depending on courage. In the Olympic, from six players Luneng Taishan football school finalists, Wang Tong, Liu Binbin is team before and after the soul, the Olympic record exactly how in a certain extent, Luneng help may even play a decisive factor. Battle for the Olympic, Olympic preliminaries battlefield last week, Perrin class, the Orangemen entered the handsome, so combining the Orangemen promotion of the status quo of 12 finals slim, let the Chinese soccer is another round of condemn it in speech and writing. Deep trough in the full, at the beginning of the week, and a representative Chinese men’s soccer team Olympic team, will embark on a belongs to their battlefield.