6Japan Nagano bus rollover caused 14 deaths (Figure)|Japan Nagano bus rollover caused 14 deaths (Figure)

Japan Nagano bus rollover caused 14 deaths (Figure) a major accident in Nagano Prefecture, japan. In new network on January 15, according to Japan’s "production reported by the news, a truck loaded with skiers bus local time 15 days of before dawn 2 is located in Nagano, Japan County of State Highway 18 major rollover accident. "Sankei Shimbun" quoted the Japanese Ministry of internal affairs Fire Department sources said, the car 41 people 14 people were killed and 27 injured. How many injured young people aged more than and 10 to more than and 20 years old, has been sent to hospital and the treatment of Nagano Prefecture, Gunma prefecture. Nagano police said, is currently stepping up to confirm the identity of the dead and injured, the accident investigation details. According to the police and Fire Department news, there are 39 passengers on the bus, 2 crew members, a total of 41 people. Bus from Nagano Prefecture, Gunma County sailed, in Nagano Prefecture famous sightseeing via the light well Ze town territory, somehow suddenly rushed down the center of the road isolation belt, rush toward to the lane, and then turn fell on to the side of the driveway of the embankment, vehicle front part have suffered damage. Editor: Su bud SN226