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For winning a well-off society in an all-round way open bureau, has good step – Politics – People’s network on March 16 morning, the fourth meeting of the second session of the National People’s Congress at the Great Hall of the people held the closing ceremony. The General Assembly adopted the government work report made by Premier Li Keqiang on behalf of the state council. The State Council report to the National People’s Congress is a statutory duty, but also an important form of supervision by the people. This report is about 2 words how to draft and modify to submit on behalf of members of deliberation and discussion? The report highlights what new features, compared with the past? How is the absorption of public opinion, the people together? Government work report drafting group responsible person to reporters were introduced. Ideological guide, innovation lead — embodied the rule of the Central Committee of the party and politics, new ideas, new ideas and new strategy this year is the "45" at the beginning of the year. To make the government work report to the economic and social development has a guiding role, first of all to clear the ideological guide. 26 to 29 October 2015, 18 of the party 5 in plenary meeting was held in Beijing, with Xi Jinping as general secretary of the central vision, strategizing, scientific description development blueprint. Plenary session of the CPC Central Committee on the development of the national economy and social development of the five thirteenth year plan proposal for the drafting of the government work report pointed out the direction. December 18th to 21, the central economic work conference held in Beijing. General Secretary Xi Jinping at the meeting: an important speech, summarize the economic work in 2015, the analysis of the current domestic and international economic situation, the deployment of the economic work in 2016, the focus is to implement "45" planning advice, strengthen structural reforms, especially in the supply side structural reform and economic sustained and healthy development. Premier Li Keqiang in his speech on the 2016 macroeconomic policy orientation, the specific deployment of the new year’s focus on economic and social development. This provides a strong guidance for the drafting of the work report of the government. The CPC Central Committee and State Council attached great importance to the work report of the government. Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee held a meeting of the Politburo Standing Committee meeting, the Politburo meeting, listen to the report, the report for consideration. Premier Li Keqiang personally presided over the work of the government work report drafting, has held a State Council executive meeting, the State Council, the plenary meeting, to discuss and solicit opinions. As early as the beginning of October last year, the government work report on the drafting of the work has been launched. Report of the drafting group, consisting mainly of a research office of the State Council staff, absorb more than a dozen government departments, local government and the think tank responsible people and experts in, drafting group also repeatedly in-depth local research, assurance report fully reflects the desire of all regions and departments and requirements. Drafting group responsible person pointed out, the report on the work of the government ruling by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China Science and politics, new ideas, new ideas and new strategy as the main line, emphasize "firmly grasp development priority is not to relax", "vigorously promote structural reform", "accelerate new development momentum to continue the conversion, requirements of consistently good innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing new development concept, implement macroeconomic policy to steady, industrial policy and microeconomic policies to live, the reform policy to be real, social policy to the underpinning of" five policy, implement to capacity)