6Elevator passengers rushed out of control to the top head of lumbar fracture (Figure) – Sohu news|Elevator passengers rushed out of control to the top head of lumbar fracture (Figure) – Sohu news

Elevator control rushed to the passengers of the attic and lumbar vertebra fracture head (Figure) – Sohu News at noon yesterday, Hefei City Qinglong Lake Road and Fangxing road Jiaokou riverside home district, more than 20 year old Zhang with colleagues into the elevator, however, after the start of the elevator soon suddenly out of control to the rapid rise, until the elevator stops have reached the top. Zhang paralysis sitting in the elevator, the head of the blood DC, the waist is also affected by the injury. Zhang injured in hospital treatment [rescue] injured were rescued beaten 13 o’clock yesterday afternoon, reporters rushed to the area and the incident, building 2, unit 2, at this time, police cars and 120 ambulances have arrived, rescue personnel is rescue. "We heard that the elevator the elevator company to quickly notify maintenance personnel, they come to find that people trapped on the top floor of 25 floor." A security guard said. Rescue workers finally opened the elevator door, the injured were carried out. Elevator within a young guy in the head of a lot of blood, the waist is also injured, paralyzed in the elevator. 120 ambulance personnel will be carried out to send an ambulance. Lift out of control at the top of the falling objects wounding Zhang has a wound in the head, was sewn 7 needles. "My colleagues and I on the elevator, press the 7th floor, etc. but the elevator to the 7th floor did not stop, then quickly run up, has been rushed to the top floor." Zhang said he was scared, and so the elevator stopped after he appeared in a brief coma, head and waist how to hurt, I do not know now, when the mind a blank. But later heard rescuers say where the cable is broken." And Zhang together elevator lesbian thing said, elevator on the 7th floor did not stop, fast rise, "later washed peaked and above do not know something heavy hit down, may be the lift above the ceiling, my suitcase pull rod have been smashed." Fortunately, the body does not matter. [about] the elevator just repaired soon had an accident and Zhang then was sent to the hospital orthopedic treatment, after X-ray examination, lumbar vertebrae appeared fracture and need further treatment. After the incident, the elevator company maintenance personnel in building elevator maintenance unit. What’s wrong with the elevator? A maintenance staff said the specific matter how we do not know". However, residents and security have been reflected in the District, the elevator is often bad, the elevator has just repaired the accident soon, and now they are very worried about the elevator to take the elevator.