6Data interpretation of national security team coach! The Japanese coach winning percentage as high a|Data interpretation of national security team coach! The Japanese coach winning percentage as high a

Data interpretation of national security team coach! Coach Japan winning up to 70% of the national three coach data contrast big gathered Guoan coach new signing collective debut Alberto Zaccheroni is after Pacheco, Oristano, Manzano, for the four coaching the national security of foreign coach. The three coach, coach Manzano scores best, not only led the team to create maximum points and row, number of record in team history and last season’s AFC Champions League group stages. Tie Shuai statistics Zaccheroni in before coaching the national security and taught for four years of the Japanese national team, and in 2011 led the Japanese team won the Asian Cup champion, but in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, not led the team to the group stages, immediately announced his resignation. And the coach Japan before, he also coached the Udinese, Lazio, Torino and Serie A Triwizard, and during AC Milan coach. He also got the I only a serie a Champions League. Compared with Giovanni Trapattoni data and in addition to Alberto Zaccheroni, Serie A trio have coached, only Italy coach Giovanni Trapattoni, of course, and Giovanni Trapattoni Sanqiang experience Alberto Zaccheroni in Sanqiang coaching experience can only be regarded as unsatisfactory, only at AC Milan coach period has won a league title, and Giovanni Trapattoni in Sanqiang won seven League titles, 2 Italian Cup, Champions League, three UEFA Cup, a cup winners’ Cup, contributions can be described as outstanding. And Camacho data contrast with Zaccheroni, at the same time, Camacho, Queiroz the two European coach almost at the same time coaching team in Asia, two people were in China and Iran coach, but results are very different, then compare three coach coaching team in different countries. The above content source in search of football Disclaimer: Tencent sports posted this article for more information transmission purposes, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.