6Beijing on Xi Jinping first filled short board – party system|Beijing on Xi Jinping first filled short board – party system

Xi Jinping first on filled party system short board – the new network system construction is an important part of the overall layout of the building of the party, the comprehensive strictly, the most fundamental is the system of the party to perfect the construction of the party system, make the party organizations at all levels and all Party members and cadres behavior norms, power cage. Recently, Xi Jinping in "two studies and a" study and education of the important instructions stressed: "to the new situations and new problems serious party political life and in the spirit of reform and innovation padded short board system, really make the party’s organizational life, strict management of Party member education, real up." According to the "learning Chinese" big data platform, this is the first general secretary Xi Jinping on the party system padded short board. Please learn with the "learning China". A, in the face of new situations and new problems highlight the system short board of the party’s eighteen years, with Xi Jinping as general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, in light of developments and changes in the domestic and foreign situation, from the strengthening of its main forging of stressed that "blacksmith needs its own hardware, put forward comprehensive strictly strategic layout. Has carried out the party’s mass line of educational practice, "strict three real special education this year, and the deployment of the" two to learn a "study and education, comprehensive strictly from the grasp of a few" key "to the majority of Party members and extension education and learning from centralized education to regular education extension stretch. To the party constitution as the fundamental law system within the party, promoting the party’s construction and important to follow to become an important basis for the party’s. Under the constitution, laws and regulations of the party system, according to some cadres instruction work, pat the head decision-making chaos has been effectively curbed, activities and the majority of Party members and Party organizations at all levels of work more standardized and orderly. But we should also see, with the profound changes in the world situation, national condition, party, party rules and regulations in the presence of don’t match, does not adapt, coordination, cohesion, inconsistent etc. system short board has become increasingly prominent. System short board on the one hand, the shortage of the system, in the face of the new situation of the development of the new situation, the performance of the system and regulations lag behind the reality, that is, in some areas and some aspects of practice in front of the system. Information and intelligence not only speed up the development of various fields, but also changed the most in the field of development and running mode, at home and abroad, both inside and outside the party and new problems new cases emerge in endlessly. Compared with these new changes, the party system in some areas there are a number of vacancies. Eighteen years, the Party Central Committee and the party organizations at all levels has gradually introduced a series of new system, padded short board part of the system, but also remain blank, need to seize filled. As in many aspects of the lack of regulatory system, the results of a lot of broken window effect". On May 9, 2014, Xi Jinping to participate in Henan Lankao County Committee Team feature of democratic life in pointed out: "our system lot can be said that the basic formation, but don’t let them useless, as’ the scarecrow ‘, forms of the" broken window effect ". A lot of things without supervision, violation of the no any treatment. In this way, who will take the system seriously? Our party system is started from the party constitution, Party Constitution learning school for a long time, finally turn a blind eye, ear, it won’t work! " System short board.