6A large number of U.S. troops will return to the Philippines stationed in the South China Sea|A large number of U.S. troops will return to the Philippines stationed in the South China Sea

Large numbers of American troops will return to the Philippines stationed place for the network in the South China Sea on January 13 hearing comprehensive news, the Philippine Supreme Court 12 approved an agreement, the agreement will allow the United States expanded its in the Philippines military presence. On the same day, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Carter and Defense Secretary Kerrey held talks with visiting foreign minister of Rosario, Philippines, and defense minister Garth in Washington. Kerrey and Carter have reaffirmed the commitment of the United States to Philippines security, and the Philippine Supreme Court ruled that the two countries to strengthen defense cooperation agreement in line with the Constitution’s decision to welcome. Philippines’s Supreme Court ruled on 10 votes to 4, Philippines and the United States in 2014 signed the "enhanced defense cooperation agreement" does not violate the constitution of Philippines. The agreement, due to wait for the court’s ruling, has not yet come into force, the agreement will allow the United States to build military facilities in a rotating manner in its former colonies, stationed warships, aircraft and troops. The Embassy of the United States Embassy in Manila the ruling welcomed said it was "a mutually beneficial agreement that will enhance our ability to provide immediate humanitarian aid, but also help to establish ability in the Philippine army." Sonny, a spokesman for the Philippine President Benigno Aquino III? Lomako said Wednesday the agreement will help the Philippine army can use the world’s most advanced equipment for training, and make our ability to get great leap forward development. Philippines’s foreign ministry said that the two countries can now proceed to determine the arrangements for the agreement". Philippines’s military has selected a number of locations for the South China Sea, where they want to build and operate new facilities in the United States. The United States has a military base in Philippines for most of twentieth Century, but was driven out of Philippines in early 1990s. At that time, in the case of anti colonial sentiment, Philippines’s parliament passed a legislation that prohibits any foreign government from running a military base in the country unless the treaty is signed by the Senate. Several decades after that, the Philippines and the United States several joint military exercises. During the exercise, thousands of American soldiers and Marines, and navy ships every year have several times came to the Philippines. On the 12th, the American submarine "topi card (Topeka) arrived in Manila to Peking University (microblogging) about 100 miles of Subic Bay, replenishment routine visit. The Supreme Court heard during the debate, protocol against each other’s lawyer said that the agreement would let us military base in essence to return to the Philippines, although the name is not the case. Moreover, the use of without congressional approval of the administrative agreements to do so is illegal. "The ruling actually overthrew the made by the Senate in 1991, the United States out of the historic vote in the Philippines," on behalf of the left leaning organization in the Bayan attorney Renato? M? Reyes said. "The ruling will pave the way for new U. S. military installations across the country." The government’s lawyers argue that the new agreement does not need to be approved by the Senate because it does not involve permanent military bases. All of the new U. S. construction facilities will be located in the military base in Philippines, and there is no U.S. warships, aircraft and personnel will be permanently stationed in Philippines. The United States welcomed the 0 2+2 ministerial meeting