69Thinking about how to more suction eye by women’s Volleyball League Championship in Olympic Games on|Thinking about how to more suction eye by women’s Volleyball League Championship in Olympic Games on5

After thinking | women’s Volleyball League to suction eye by winning the Olympic Games can only fire a _ volleyball _ sina sports _ sina.com.cn Women Volleyball League can not win the Olympic women’s volleyball team China heat only by the Rio Olympics, a "women’s hot" across the vast land. Taking advantage of this boom, 7:30 tonight, the women’s Volleyball League will be opened in Shanghai, Luwan Sports Center curtain. Over the years, the women’s Volleyball League has been lukewarm, even in 2004 after the Chinese women’s volleyball team won the Athens Olympic Games, there is no improvement. So, this time, the Chinese women’s volleyball team will win the Olympic Games in Rio and "fire" up?   by winning the Olympic Games only a new league fire can do more suction eye? After the defeat of the Olympic Games in Rio, the Chinese women’s volleyball team suddenly became a national idol, a "women’s volleyball fever" swept the country. Taking advantage of this trend has not yet subsided, today, for five months of the National Volleyball League kicks off. There is no doubt that Chinese women’s volleyball Olympic champion, will stimulate the League attendance. After all, many previously unknown to the public of the national team has now become bursting with popularity, fans are hoping to see their presence in the league. However, by the national team led the League attendance, not a permanent solution. The most typical example is 2004. That year, Chen Zhonghe led the Chinese women’s volleyball team won the championship in Athens Olympic Games, but did not drive the volleyball market. Even then, the Volleyball League seems to be getting worse, with the exception of Tianjin, most of the teams are poor at home. Visible, the national team to win the Olympic Games, may not be able to stimulate the development of the League for a long time, in order to make the League fire up, but also need to change the League itself. We are pleased to see that this year’s League, Paiguanzhongxin made a lot of effort: first, restore the star game, extend the period; secondly, to further improve the system in the introduction of foreign aid, the two flow allows Neiyuan; in addition, also the introduction of Hawkeye, opening ceremony League also invited a team of NBA level through the 3D, light show, to create the most cool League in the history of the opening ceremony, and, and, and many did not looking forward to many years of reforms have launched this year, if all the measures can be implemented, I believe the new league season will be more and more good-looking, suction eye". This kind of change, it is said that Liu Wenbin, director of the newly appointed platoon center. Before the Olympics, he mainly match the reform make snap antithetical couplet. Now, he says he’s done it. Just a lot of details, the league is also not satisfactory, for example, the start of the league, the League also many reporters interview card did not get, and, and, with the market and nurturing national team league players can drum up pockets? After the Chinese women’s Volleyball Championship in Olympic Games, various honorary awards come come in a throng. However, their income and football, basketball stars, is simply pale into insignificance by comparison. More realistically, in addition to some national volleyball athletes, most occupation salary simply poor, especially men’s volleyball. For the exhaust pipe center, in order to make the national team more thick talent, so flat