69Southern Metropolis Daily born in an hour BB breathing body black, the original throat bone collapse|Southern Metropolis Daily born in an hour BB breathing body black, the original throat bone collapse3

Southern Metropolis Daily: born in an hour BB breathing body black, the original throat bone collapse! Sohu – health from Sichuan baby was born in an hour, there are severe breathing difficulties, it is suffering from a very severe congenital laryngomalacia, softening throat bone collapse after airway pressure leads to intake difficulties, endanger life. Born only 1 and a half months, accompanied by a small guy in the doctor, in Guangzhou women and children’s Medical Center successfully received surgical treatment, a week after the hospital is expected to recover. Small life escape from death (reporter Tan Qingju Nandu photo) one hour of birth difficulty breathing body black according to the father Mr. Liu, small BB one hour after birth, shortness of breath, laryngeal stridor phenomenon. "All of a sudden on the black body." Admissions to the hospital soon give the child a notice under the terminally ill, the initial diagnosis of congenital laryngeal softening, not the local hospital to rescue ventilator. The child was immediately transferred to a higher standard of the hospital, intubation, oxygen, breathing has improved, but must stay in the ICU, the machine breathing. Referral to the Chengdu children’s Hospital, West China Hospital invited experts consultation, or failed to find a better solution. Mr. Liu did not give up on the Internet to search Guangzhou to treat the disease. After several contacts, find the director of the Department of ENT of Guangzhou women and children’s Medical Center in Chen Yanqiu, and the good coordination of the evening of November 8th sent an ambulance to the airport through the treatment of the baby all the way to the ear. The first hospital refused boarding coordinated arrangements for the first flight Mr. Liu and his wife the next flight is not smooth, the little guy was inserted with tracheal intubation, once breathing difficulties, need to help ventilation through breathing balloon. These risk factors are not suitable for flying. Airlines for security reasons, refused to apply for the couple and baby boarding. The couple can only go back to the Chengdu children’s Hospital, the hospital decided to send a doctor to accompany the second boarding, as soon as possible for the child surgery. Coordinate the airlines, professional pediatrician accompanied the opportunity, the little guy in the mother and the doctor’s care, on the evening of 9 transferred to Guangzhou. 11 arrangements for surgery, No. 15 out of the ventilator, leaving ICU. Mr. Liu in the bosom of the little guy, finally no longer send out sound, breathe a lot. "Similar congenital disease, which is not uncommon in newborns, but is generally not suitable for flying. Because once intubation prolapse and secretion blocking, children will be very dangerous." Chen Yanqiu said that since 2011 the hospital to carry out this operation, the annual severe laryngomalacia surgery more than 30 cases, more serious will choose through the installation of an ambulance transport ventilator, the general is also high in iron transport. "For the first time, I managed to get through the plane, but the plane was faster, and it was time for the kids."." (source: Nandu media reporter Wang Daobin correspondent careful)