69Father infected with HIV still raped 30 young girls admitted after being forgiven Church|Father infected with HIV still raped 30 young girls admitted after being forgiven Church7

Father HIV infection still raping 30 young girls admitted after being taught forgiveness original title: Mexico: Father knows HIV infection was raping 30 young girls admitted after being a priest in Mexico church forgiveness know that they are infected with AIDS, rape of 30 5 to 10 year old girls. The British "Daily Mail" quoted 20 Spanish website Urgente24 reported that the Jose Garcia Ataulfo for God the father, has been acquitted of Mexico. Father Jose Garcia Ataulfo Ataulfo has previously admitted his crime, namely rape Oaxaca (located in southern Mexico, nearly 13 Indians, the indigenous civilization well preserved native girls). But he has yet to face any criminal charges, most likely due to the local authority of the Catholic Church, especially for the indigenous population. According to Urgente24, only 30 of the victims of the two church amnesty Ataulfo protest. Mexico website anonymousmx, said one of the victims of mothers in Rome and the Catholic Pope Francis met, but was rebuffed the vatican. They declared that they would discuss the matter in private. When Francis map 2013 on the throne of the pope in Rome, Francis said the church will cover up for sexual assault crimes punished bishop. According to Russia Today reported on June 5th, the new church law to allow the removal of the position of a criminal priest. Today, Russia reported screenshot Fang Yi I also agree with, but I hope to take a more accurate definition of the reasons for the loss of jobs. Francis had on Twitter called for the protection of children of clergy alleged sexual assault is an open secret. Many countries including the United States are widespread phenomenon of sexual assault on minors. Due to the influence of the church, the clergy sexual behavior are often obscure. It was not until 2002 that the problem was exposed to the media and the public. "Boston globe", "focus group reported evidence, investigation of the Boston area. In cases of child sexual abuse. From the tip of the iceberg to pull dozens of nearly 250 suspects during the priest list, was also heavy resistance and other aspects of the church. "Focus" team digging priest sexual abuse of children story "focus"   the film team member Mike Rizer Enders (Mark · · Ruffalo ornaments) reported a church to cover up the crime, Public opinion is seething with indignation., the clergy of big reshuffle, sent from a parish to another parish. In 2003, the focus group won the Pulitzer prize for journalism. "In order to affirm the dauntless spirit," he said, "it was a shock…… The effort has broken the scandal, triggering a domestic and international concern in Boston, the United States, and the Catholic Church in Rome." Indeed, the report not only affects the United States, but also makes the Catholic Church had to face the situation of other countries, including Mexico.