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The concept of speculation does not move, the smell of gunpowder lighter in   the Zhejiang derby is more and more boring — Sports — people.com.cn original title: Zhejiang derby is more and more boring last night, CBA this season’s Zhejiang Derby first round Yiwu home court battle, in the first half an hour before, first with the Zhejiang team of the local basketball reporter asked: "the Zhejiang Derby, it really is the atmosphere?" The tense atmosphere, he wasn’t referring to the stadium to let two tiger hill opposite, Yiwu Meihu gymnasium in less than half the attendance this season, and any previous game is not what kind of home court two. Does the past concern often lead to slobber Zhejiang Derby, now really as served as general manager of the coach say before the game, is a game? The original hot Derby three lost suspense, after all, Derby, into the game, there are always some different from the previous small situation. The second day, wearing a jersey of the audience several times Guangsha and Guangsha cheer, triggered the next Chouzhou bank fans audience dissatisfaction, even an emotional fans around the exaggerated movements of isolated channels, went to the front to show visiting fans with a finger, shouted a few words. But things will come to an end, in a lot of security escort, cross denounce the home fans back into the seat, leaving the security and hugged, seems to be: rest assured, I sketch is to say he is a few sentences, only this. Once off the court in a fiery Zhejiang Derby in the series, the audience moves similar is not worth mentioning, but this is no accident into the game — the essence of many reporters at the scene of the write a great deal about if the game is exciting enough, these things where OTC would attract so much attention…… Chouzhou bank club general manager Fang Jun, speaking of the derby, the mystery is no longer a tiny bit on the face. He said the morning training teams, Guangsha boss Liu Quansheng met him, said the derby, two teams each other is transparent, not a little secret. But this is only one of the characteristics of the Derby war, there are second Jun Jun: derby victory or defeat, never to determine the ranking of the high and low." Maybe some of the reasons for the fare, Yiwu city ball cool down, and bought 200 tickets for the thousands of cheering, the game will only stand out that a fan. A ten year old has been a familiar concept, gradually from opposite to harmonious feelings, more and more ordinary Derby by what to maintain the charm? This is only a special feeling to win the ranking. Even the reporter yesterday before it is know, at least in Chouzhou bank side, Derby prize is not necessarily an entire season in a highest. The players are not playing for money. Unfortunately, this derby, Chouzhou bank did not allow the audience to see the kind of special feeling "home court". In the second quarter, the audience’s attention turned to the stands, and they missed the best part. The first section of the backward Chouzhou bank in this period of tying even once counter ultra, wonderful performances so far. The third quarter was up, Chouzhou bank hit 6:0 Guangsha, coach Zhang Boyu out no bleeding, this section is called flowers)