68Matsuyama Hideki 7 pole advantage to take the HSBC championship, the first achievement in the world |Matsuyama Hideki 7 pole advantage to take the HSBC championship, the first achievement in the world 7

Take advantage of Matsuyama Hideki 7 HSBC championship, October 30th World Championships Asian Sohu sports achievement first, WGC-HSBC Champions Matsuyama Hideki is invincible! The final round of the 3 bar, leading from his attitude to every link of technology will do better than the chaser, the 6 bird not sabotage, with absolute advantage in total score -23 lead second par 7 championship, becoming the first world champion in history Japanese, is the first Asian players! Matsuyama Hideki today very few mistakes, only a few times into the long grass and tee bunker can save. And that leaves the same group of pursuers Knox and · and Berg desperate. Until the last hole, Songshan met today only a big mistake. Second bar pull serious attack the green ball from right side into the fairway. But this is the case, he used a long par, the champion rod fixed at -23! Stenson in the final round handed over -7, the total score of -16 and ·, Berg, Co located in tied for the top second. In the last hole, McElroy pushed the bird to -15 in fourth place. Wheat in the third round only played -2, when the results card is very unhappy. But the Irish King found a feeling in the final round, in addition to kick-off as in the past sharp, putting in long distance becomes stable, but the last hole less than 2 yards and a bird push rinse hole, missed opportunities tied for second. Finally the 7 wheat bird 1 sabotage surrender -6, -15 total score tied for fourth. This is he after three years ago after a dusty · after Johnson made second, the best results in the HSBC champions. The state of Stenson is more popular than wheat, the audience caught 7 birds of the Swedish guy did not swallow sabotage, over 65 bar (-7) in the round of the best score, total score of -16 to get tied for second. Zhang Xinjun did not continue the excellent performance of the previous three rounds, today to hand over +4, the final total score of -5, in order to tie the twenty-first finished, which is the best performance of Chinese players in the current HSBC championship. Chinese brother Wu Ashun Bryant caught 6 birds, but unfortunately in the eleventh, 12, 13 consecutive final swallow sabotage, a single round of -3 -4 to the total score tied for twenty-third place. Wu Ashun said after the game: "3 consecutive damage unfortunately, but overall performance today can accept. This week I didn’t set a high goal before the game because I’ve been changing the game. The end of November in Melbourne and the world cup, I hope to take action as soon as possible to adjust, and the team played together on behalf of China Hao Tong good grades." Chinese other players, Dou Zecheng realized the small target himself over 6 prefix, the 69 bar total score of par, to finish tied for fortieth place. Liang Wenchong single round -1 total score +2, tied for forty-seventh place. Li Haotong single round +5 total score +8, tied for sixty-third place. Zhang Huilin round +6, the total score of +16 is located in seventy-sixth place. Defending champion