67Serena do not want their children to play tennis with my title high pressure (video)|Serena do not want their children to play tennis with my title high pressure (video)3

Serena: do not want their children to play tennis for his 35 birthday against my title pressure [Abstract] American tennis star Serena Williams, in an interview, she made it clear that she did not want their children to go to play tennis on the road. Many refused to wear in confidence Serena shirt domineering exposed deduction in September 28 Japan Tencent out offbeat sports Monday, American tennis Kay Pepo Williams passed his 35 birthday. So far, the great woman tennis player has won 22 Grand Slam titles. However, in an interview, she made it clear that they do not want their children to take the road to play tennis. Serena’s coach Patrick opened a new school in nice, Serena attended the opening ceremony. At the same time, she accepted an interview to sky sports, Serena said it would not allow their children to play tennis. If they really want to fight, it will not stop, but do not encourage the sport. "I don’t want to be the mother of Selena, and I think it’s a lot of pressure on kids. I prefer to let them do what they like, in their own name, in the field they want to do the best." Serena do not want their children to play tennis because of injuries have been plagued by Serena in the summer, first out of the Rio Olympics, and later eliminated by the Czech star Price Kurkovva in the US Open semi-finals, also ranked first in the world by the Germans replaced by Gobel. About injuries, Serena reluctantly said: "I have been from Wimbledon in healing, has been very frustrated with my sister, Williams said, injury ruined my Olympic dream." Serena Williams of the knee so that the outside of the Serena won twenty-third Grand Slam titles, beyond love records exist doubts. But her French coach is optimistic: "of course, she can win the next grand slam. A win, even more." At present, Serena in rest state, to participate in the tennis tournament is reduced, and may miss the rest of the season in 2016. Last year, Serena Williams in the US Open semi-finals after losing to Vinci has not played the game, until 4 months after the Australian Open to return, but in the women’s singles final upset loss to Gobel. Serena for 186 consecutive weeks ranked the world’s first women’s tennis record was the end of Gobel. The 35 year old queen of tennis will usher in a real opponent in the end of occupation career. The future can break the Graf Grand Slam record, Gobel may become the biggest obstacle to serena. (winter wheat)