66The tourism experience into the Premier League football passion Albion cheer|The tourism experience into the Premier League football passion Albion cheer6

The tourism experience into the Premier League football passion cheer in West Brom sports events commercialized today, the world’s first sports football is no longer separated individual. Especially the best Premier League for commercial operation, has enormous influence and fan base in the world, also let the scene to see the premier "has become a new tourism model popular, with Hyflux entertainment K8.COM as the representative of the top third party brand or platform for all the fans appreciate the unique style of the Premier League with zero distance play a huge role in boosting. With the top players and the team, highly entertaining play, a hundred years of the league’s foundation and the hot ball city, fans, Chinese fans love the Premier League has been close to obsession. Survey shows that China fans per week on average it takes 102 minutes to watch the Premier League, in the survey of fans, the number of interested in the Premier League to reach 99%, and most fans of the Premier League has more than 3 years of history. With the continuous improvement of the level of consumption and cross-border tourism increasingly popular today, the scene is no longer a dream to watch the Premier League games. Especially some very strong brand and platform, relying on strong channel resources, the site to watch the Premier League has been integrated into the development strategy of the brand itself, has become a major highlight of the elements of customer feedback and promotion planning, have extraordinary influence in the field of sports games, the leading brand Hyflux entertainment is one of the best. As a veteran of the Premiership team Si Brown Vecchi Jersey sponsor, and in the lantern pants reached a strategic partnership, while the development of entertainment K8.COM entertainment as a platform for the development of an important part of its diversification. Today, the West into the West Brom, Kay entertainment with you to see the Premier League platform activities are in full swing. All Hyflux members are have the opportunity to visit Britain, enjoy VIP watch box VIP West Brom Premiership experience, more in the upscale five-star hotel, enjoy a business class ticket and a series of distinguished travel. Along with the globalization and the development of the platform to promote, "football tourism" forms of tourism more fans of all ages, innovation mode Hyflux entertainment promotion, to lead the China fans experience the situation feel the glamour of the Premier League, because, really want to understand real English football culture, just watching the game is not enough. Only the Premier League really feel the passion and energy, zero distance contact with the Premier League club, the taste of British football history and culture of the hundred years of precipitation, in order to maximize the extreme sports culture to feel happy. In addition to football catharsis passion, ancient architecture, city chic luxury sightseeing flight, local customs and practices…… Not only is the Premier League trip to england. This season’s form started become whirling, who can have the last laugh is unknown. Hyflux entertainment K8.COM provides a opportunity for all loyal fans, passionate passionate scene waiting for you to wave the flag!